Chapter 1

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Saturday, September 6, 2012

Dear Diary, ever since Karla told me and Raven about the job with the boys of One Direction, I have decided to write what is going on in my life, just to keep my sanity. Well, I'm gonna leave my lovely apartment for a whole year, I'm not too excited about this interview, I'm not a big fan about them like Raven, she's a big time fangirl when it comes to these boys, I'm not, I like hip-hop, rap, and all that good stuff, but oh well, it's work. We have today and tomorrow to get everything settled and be ready Monday at 9 am to go to the airport and take off to London, that's where the boys start their tour. Apparently, we will be meeting the boys at Louis and Harry's house. A WHOLE YEAR with these guys, it's gonna be pretty intense, considering the fact that I heard that two them are pretty sassy. Ugh. I hope I don't go completely insane.

PS. Raven is in her room fangirling, she won't let me sleep.

"Raven!" I said,

She came barging inside my room. "what?!", she yelled.

"Shut the hell up, you're fangirling is getting in between my sleeping time!" i said,

"Well, sorry, man, you know how i feel about this amazing oppurtinity we have, especially with ONE DIRECTION, ONE DIRECTION, ANA!!! Ahh!" She said almost running out of breath.

"I get it, man, but why cant you do this during the day? Not when i'm about to sleep. Ugh, I'll just put on my headphones and zone out" I said very annoyed

She left my room jumping and screaming.

The next day, Raven woke me up, she was blaring her music while making breakfast.

"Good morning, lovely"

"Heeeeeeeeey beautiful! So, I've decided to try to corrupt you to the 1D world." she said,

"Hahahahahahahahaha! Corrupt me into that insane world?! You must be out of your mind!"

"Nope, I want you to like them!" she screamed,

"I do like them, I'm not just a big fan of them..."

It kinda annoys me how she swears that I don't like them, I do.. kinda..

"Tell you what, show me a couple of their videos and all that stuff you have but THAT'S IT! Just the funny ones that you're always laughing at, and the DVD you have, I wanna see how they act in concerts so I know what to expect"

"YAY! I'll get everything and I'll meet you in your room and we'll have breakfast while we watch" she said with a big grin on her face

What did I just get myself in to?! Damn..

and so we spend the whole day watching videos of them at the XFactor, video diaries, etc. They're not that bad, they're hilarious actually, Harry is hot! We finished watching everything around 5pm, I was exhausted.

"Hey, let's go to dinner? My treat" I said,

"Sure, I'd love to! I'm starving!" She said,

I was pretty rich I guess, being a magazine editor or whatever you wanna call it had it's advantages. Everything we had was good, we weren't snobby at all like some of the people that work with us, but we also didn't want to look bad, so we tried to look our best.

As we were eating at Olive Garden, I noticed Raven had something in her mind.

"What's wrong?

"Nothing, man, I want Niall to like me. You think he will?" she asked,

"You're an amazing, beautiful girl inside and out, of course he will. Just don't throw yourself out there, make conversation with him, flirt and all that good stuff"

"I noticed you had an eye for Harry, what's that all about? Hmm? Haha" she said giving me a push on the shoulder

"I'm not even gonna lie, he's freakin' hot, but while we were watching that I was on my phone and saw that he's a lil sassy, so I'm not even gonna try".

"Suuuuuure you're not, I'll help you out, babe" She said giving me a wink

"We need to leave, we need to start preparing for tomorrow the airport is 30 minutes away from here so we have to get up around seven if we want to get there on time"

We left and got everything packed. In a seperate bag that we share we put our notepads, pencils, pens, cameras, and everything. In my little purse I put my make-up for tomorrow.

"I'm off to bed, I'm tired. MAKE SURE TO GO TO BED" I screamed at her, I knew she was too excited and wouldn't go to bed

"I will, MOM" she said in her sarcastic voice

"Goodnight beautiful! I love you too!"

Journal Entry 2:

Sunday, September 7, 2012

Dear Diary, I think I'm gonna go insane, tomorrow I leave USA and go to the UK! I've always wanted to go there, I hope they let me go sight seeing first and then have me interview the guys. Man, that Harry guy is HOT! I have a little of a crush on him, I kinda lied to Raven saying I won't talk to him, 'cause he's sassy, but actually, I like sassy! I find that sexy, and that he wont let press change him or get to him. All in all, I WILL try to talk him. He better not get smart with me though, I''ll go Kung Fu on his smart ass if he does. Anyways, I'm pretty excited you could say! I'm gonna go on a trip for the year, and hopefully have a blast. Goodnight! (:

This chapter probably sucked, I'm sorry! I'm just trying to get the girls background on their life, and everything. Tomorrow or maybe later on will be better, I promise!

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