Sex Bound Relationship

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He leans and tries kissing me, but I turn my head and he kisses my cheek. He smirks and grabs my hands. ""

I cover my face and wait for him to touch me. I felt him get off the desk. I uncover my face to see him...shirtless. I gasp and cover my face again. He gets back on me and grabs my wrists and move them away from my face. "Let me see that beautiful face," he sighs. I look him up and down. My jaw drops at how tan and smooth his skin looks.

He smirks and kisses me. The kiss is passionate and rough.

I move my hands above my head and feel my phone. This is my chance.

I grab it and push Namjoon pretty hard. He moves off and I quickly dart to the door. apparently I wasn't quick enough. He grabs my wrist and pulls me back, wrapping his arms around me. "Get away!"

He sighs deeply. "Jin, I could be a lot rougher on you, but I choose not to." I look up at him and glare. "I like you Jinnie and I want you." My palms sweat and my eyes grow large. "What," I say softly. "Jin, let me." He smirks."i've wanted to do this since I met you." His voice gets more husky. "You dont understand Mr. Kim. You can't win my heart by simply fucking me."

"I-," I interrupt him, "The only way you can win my heart is by talking to me and us get to know each other. I will not do this with you, until we are really close. I want a good relationship not a sex bound relationship. Is that the  type of relationship you're used to?" He stands there silent.

"Come on, you can tell me." I grab his hand and rub my thumb against it. "I don't know." His, usually husky, voice is now soft and quiet.

This makes me so soft for him. I can tell all of his relationships have been just sexual. I feel so bad and want to help him. But how?

Should I? Should I date him, and show him want a real relationship is?

I snap out of thought.

"Jin," he holds me closer, "how did you know?"


So...that just happened..

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