Everything happens for a reason 1

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Chapter 1: In the beginning

When everything is going as planned there is always something that goes wrong...

I'm referring to the time last year when my friends and I decided to go on a hiking trip through Mount Donna Buang.

It was a great idea, we had been planning it for a month and a half, there was nothing that could go wrong, and it was all planned and perfected.

We had a few adults look over our plans to make sure that we would be fine.

In the end, it was all just a tiny mistake, nothing wrong with the planning, just a little mishap on the day.

The smallest things can happen and then it all goes wrong.

Anyway, you probably want to know what I'm talking about well here it is, this is my story:

It was Saturday the 15th of June. We were all getting ready to go, Rose being her typical self was running around like a headless chook trying to get everyone ready and making sure we all had everything, she kept taking the bags out of the car to 'just make sure she hadn't forgotten anything'.

Bret, Tyson and Michaela were getting annoyed with her, she had been like this for the past hour and it was beginning to frustrate them, I could tell by the way Kay was standing; her hands on her hips tapping her foot. Michaela stopped Rose taking out yet another bag from the car and took her inside for a drink.

Bret and Tyson looked relieved that they could finish putting the bags in the car without being interrupted.

Josh was standing at the foot of the stairs yelling up to Carissa and Rhys; something about getting their Asses into gear and getting downstairs to help out. Nathan and Shania were nowhere to be found. They were usually like this though, and just before you are about to go send out a search party for them, they appear out of nowhere. No one knows where they go, but at least they seem to always be here when there needed.

I stood back in the corner of the entryway watching them all run about shaking my head.

I saw Rose coming over.

"Kay and the boys are done packing the car." She called.

"That's good, what are they doing now?" I asked.

"I think they're playing cards or something." She glanced out the door to check.

"Oh, well Bret seems to be getting better at them now." I smiled.

"Yeah, he's been getting heaps of training from Nate" She grinned nodding.

"Really? That's good" I hadn't know that.

"Mhm" She seemed distracted.

"Hey, you seen Shani or Nate today?" I questioned.

"Yeah, I saw Shani talking to Carrie earlier on this morning." She mumbled.

"Ok, cool thanks." I smiled, but she missed it, she was busy staring out the door at something.

"No problems, I'm going to join Kay and the boys." She waved jogging off to join them.

"Ok, just make sure you don't trip over the little table, or they'll kick you out again!" I yelled after her.

"Haha, I'll try not to!" She turned and grinned at me, laughing.

I shook my head as I walked off towards the stairs. She always did that, no matter how hard she tried she would always trip over or spill something, I swear it's in her genes. She's just like her dad, a complete klutz sometimes. Usually the worst times though.

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