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   Musershaderoom; looks like @ Loren, has been cheating on mark, and using mark and hrvy, for fame? , well its true, a. Anonymous person sent me the texts, about Loren, just used, hrvy and mark, for FAMe,and using them for, *you know what*, they pays her for it, to get more rich?

Maggscuddles; haha @ Loren

Hrvy; its true, she broke our hearts mine and marks 😔

Markthomas; hrvy, were still best friends right @ hrvy

Hrvy; yeah ^

Loren; delete this!!!!!

Lorenbubbs; omg! 🤒

Lorencuties; what the f!!!!!

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"Sophia!! Look!" I showed her the post from musershaderoom

"Omg!" She yelled

"Maggie!, how about you can sleepover,at my house tonight?"
Sophia said

"Ok, let me call my dad

Incoming call from mom

Hey dad, I was wondering if I can go to Sophia's house for a sleep over?

Sure as long as, you come home, in the morning

Thanks dad

End of call

" what he say!??"she said
"He said no" I said sad
"Awh" Sophia said sad
"I'm kidding!! He said yes" I laughed

"Geez!, you almost made me cry, and cry in my bedroom when I go to bed!" She laughed

"We better get going" she said
At Sophia's house

"Mom! Her dad said yes!" Sophia said just walked through the door

"Yay!" Her mom said

How does she know me? Why did she say yay?!

"Ive been waiting, till I can finally can see you maggie?" Her mom said

"How do you know my name?" I said

"Oh, joeys been talking about you alot" jen said (Sophia's mom)

Why would joey talk about me a lot? , he bullies me?

" he has? When?" I asked

" this morning" jen said

" ohh" I said

"Well bye mom!, we will be Upstairs!!" Sophia Grabbing my arm 

"Okay bye" jen said


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