Alexandra "Allie" Villanueva (vee-yah-nwe-vah)

Birthday: July 14, 2012 (13 years young)

Personality: Sarcastic, Really Smart, Fun to be Around, Competitive, Laughs A Lot, Strong

Style: Chicago Bulls Gear, Jordans, G-Shocks, Earring Collection (penguins, strawberries etc.), Skinny Jeans, Adidas Sweater, Adidas Bag, Rainbow-Checkered Backpack, American Eagle, What Not

Activities: Gymnastics, Soccer, Track

Fave Color: Blue

Fave People: Family, Madison Pettis, Jaden Smith

*Author's Note* Sorry, I meant to post this before, but I have no idea how to switch the order so...sorry!

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