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- Cuddles
- Making out
- Being best friends with The it and ST cast
- Prank calling Jack -_-
- His fans actually loving you
- They love you more then they love him
- Being a really loud couple
- Roasrpting each Other
- "I love you bitch, I ain't gonna stop loving you, bitch"
- Piggy back rides

- Playing video games
- Playing with his hair
- Making out
- You looking like a midget beside cause he tall
- Him trying to do your make up
- obviously failing
- Road trips
- Being friends with The it cast
- Making weird YouTube videos for his channel and your channel

- Being the cutest gay couple in the universe
- buying each other little gifts
- using each other's make up
- stealing each other's clothes
- Being besties with Chosen and Wyatt
- Not being afraid to show pda
- The strangers think you and her are adorable

- Lots of hugging
- Lots of sweet kisses
- Cuddling
- Going on adventures
- Being best friends with Wyatt
- Surprise cheek kisses
- Being each others first kisses

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