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Matthew walked into his house, cradling his beloved pet cat in his arms.

He hadn't really noticed, but his arm was healing up nicely and didn't hurt much anymore.

He was feeling slightly depressed. Though overjoyed he had his cat back, he had failed to get back Jason and had been duped, as well as having no idea as to where the real Ronnie could be, or if he was even alive.

But there was one more thing that was weighing on him, something that he couldn't quite put his finger on. He stopped to ponder it upon finishing his task of closing and locking the front door, ensuring that Skip would not get out again.

Suddenly, he remembered.


Matt ran through the house to the master bedroom, pausing once he reached the doorway.

Stephanie had started picking herself up off of the ground.

Matt rushed to her side.

"Hey, Steph, are you alright?"

"I'm fine. Matthew, where are we?"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't remember where we are."

"We're in our house, well, technically, my dream."

"Wait, how are you even moving right now?"

"What do you mean?"

"The last thing I remember, you were on the floor. You kept mumbling, you-"

Stephanie broke off.


"Wait, I remember now, I was standing over you when I heard a noise, like a door being smashed in, so I went to investigate. I was walking through the house, then there was some kind of...of zapping noise. Then I woke up, and I was in here."

"Oh, dammit." Matt stood up and covered his face with his hands.


"The same thing that hit me, the dart that I was telling you about. I think it hit you too."

"Wait a minute, so are we-"

"In my dream, yeah."

Steph shook her head roughly, reminding Matt of a dog trying to drench someone in water.


Matt grinned.

"Hey, you can blame Jason when we get back."

"If we get back."

Matt went over to Steph and wrapped his arm around her consolingly.

"We'll make it."

She smiled up at him as he pulled her up from her sitting position on the floor.

"Okay. So what do we do next?"

Matt bit his lip. The truth was, he couldn't think of what to do next. He'd lost Jason, he'd lost Ronnie, all he had was Steph and Skip. But that would be enough.

"Everyone's in danger at this point. We round up everyone we can, and we tell them the truth. That's all I can think of. Adam's not gonna let me get to Jason, I've tried multiple times before."

"Yeah, and we've got no idea where Ronnie is."

Matt turned to look at her.


"I said, we've got no idea where Ronnie is. Wait, how do I remember that? I didn't remember that a second ago."

"What else do you remember?"

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