She had fallen asleep after a few hours. The pain in her arm was finally becoming bearable, and Jade drifted off to sleep.

Tyler didn't come back till evening, and Jade didn't care enough to wonder where he had rushed off to. She could have run though, knowing it was probably the best shot she had of escaping. But for some reason, she had a feeling it was no longer necessary.

She didn't trust Tyler, didn't like him; on the contrary he was probably at the top of the list of people Jade hated. However, she had seen the look on his face before he had left. She didn't know what it was that had bothered him more; the fact that Jade had confronted him, or that he had hurt her. It seemed unlikely that Tyler felt guilty.

It was insane to even assume something like that. It hadn't been guilt that Jade had seen. It hadn't even been regret. It had been disbelief.

Jade couldn't guess why Tyler had run off with a disbelieving look on his face when he himself had been the one to hurt her, but she didn't care either. She wanted never to see him again, knowing that she might just attack him if he ever appeared before her.

She was sleeping on her left, her wounded arm spread out away from her to avoid touching the blistering skin with anything that might hurt. It was past sunset, and the sky outside was dark. The only light came through the open balcony door which cast eerie shadows into the dark room. Jade just wanted some peace, so she had left the light off.

She drifted slowly into wakefulness, a cooling sensation spreading through her arm. It was a pleasant feeling, especially after the burning she had been suffering all day. It felt like someone was pressing ice to her wounds, making the aching skin numb and causing it to heal. Her eyes slowly fluttered open just a little, and she forced herself not to shoot up in bed.

Tyler was sitting beside her, his fingers wrapped around her arm, placed exactly on the outline of the burn he had caused a few hours ago. His eyes were closed, a deep frown creasing his forehead. It looked like he was concentrating hard, trying to focus on something immaterial.

A part of Jade wanted to push him away from herself, but another part was curious to see what was going on. Also, the cool feeling was a relief, and Jade didn't want it to stop. Keeping her eyes open a mere fraction, Jade watched Tyler, who sat there holding her arm, his eyes closed.

A few minutes passed by, and neither Tyler nor Jade moved a muscle. Finally, Tyler took a deep breath, and Jade closed her eyes, giving the impression that she was still asleep.

Tyler glanced at the peaceful looking Jade, before laying her arm down back where it had been and getting to his feet. With heavy steps, he headed to the couch and slumped down on it, looking exhausted.

Jade opened an eye just a fraction, in time to see Tyler lean back against the couch, closing his eyes. His breathing was heavy, and it looked like he was completely drained. Tyler fell motionless, and Jade was certain he had drifted off to sleep. His chest heaved heavily up and down, and Jade could see a few specks of sweat on his smooth forehead.

What was all this about; Jade couldn't help but wonder. Questions flooded her mind, and she frowned as she stared at the sleeping figure before her.

He said he would kill her, threatened to kill Nathan, didn't hesitate to hurt Brandon, but here he was; trying to make up for hurting Jade. Jade raised her arm to look at her wrist, and saw that there was nothing there except scars. The blisters were gone, leaving behind a mere outline of the burn. Her arm had healed, and the pain was no more.

Jade looked back at Tyler, wondering how he had done that. What was he? It was close to unbelievable; the powers he had. Was he some sort of a super-hero? Or a supervillain like he said he was?

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