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Keith's POV

I wake up to hear the birds chirping at me, a feel a light breeze come from my open window. "Ah the weekend" I say loudly. I sit up and grab my water from my bedside dresser. I pour a small out on the succulent I have sitting in my bay window.

I get up lazily and make some chai tea. I read the stove clock 7 o'clock it reads. Im surprised I managed to wake up seven in the morning on the weekend.

I shrug my shoulders and open the window shades in the living room. No one is home, both of my parents left this morning for a 'work trip' my mom says. I have this whole house to myself for 3 days (we have no school Monday due to some parent teacher conference).

I go back upstairs to my room and grab the flower from yesterday. I bring it down stairs and stare for a moment. I smile at the lavender beauty, it has small black and yellow line traced to the middle.

This flower is adoring to me, I smile a little more and find a smaller clear glass vase for it, the one from yesterday seemed to big. I pull the note away from the table and set the flower by the front window for all my annoying neighbors to see.

The news is on at a low, comfortable volume for me. I twirl the note in my hand, imagining who could've wrote it.

All my thoughts were jumped out of my head when I hear the door bell ring. I set the note down on the table under the black and gray TV remote. I open the door and almost pass out.

Its the beautiful boy, 'THAT I TOOK A PICTURE OF, AH HE IS HERE TO KILL ME' my mind is bouncing like crazy.

"hey, I just moved down the street, wait don't I know you from school" he says so sweetly, does he not know that it was me?
"oh.. uh I guess so.. Im the uh... um the 'gerrard way' kid, I..Im sorry for that yesterday.....I don't
...I don't know why I took a picture, I wanted to... to prove I wasnt scare..scared of him I guess" I am shaking and waiting for a punch in the face.

"oh, nah its cool man, I woulda done the same, don't let em push you around" he says kindly offering a hand

I shake his brown, soft hands lightly. Woah. We both stare for a second, both of us discombobulated. Neither of us know what to say.

He slowly lets go "well, anyways, I moved in down the street at the corner. I guess I will see you more often" he offers a smile

I shake but show a small smile back, this kid is going to be going by my house every morning. Oh my god.

"Guess I will see you later, your eyes are cool by the way, nice shade of violet!" he says walking away. Why does that sound familiar? I give a small thanks a shut the door

I immediately shrink to the ground by the door and grin brightly. What just happened. I blinked out the whole time. Oh my god

I feel like a creep, I get up and decide to take a hot shower. I blast mcr and dance by myself in this lonely bathroom.

1 hour later

After me sitting in my bathroom for an hour, I decide to actually get dressed and go somewhere. I out on my black crop top, high wasted jeans and my vans sneakers. Before I walk out the door, I grab my red beanie, jacket, keys and my phone and head out.

I have decided to do some shopping, I have a huge art project I have to work and all I have. I managed to make some money working on after school hours with kids.

I go to Michael's and buy the materials I need. More paint, 12 by 9 canvas, sketch pencils, flashcards, and some other essentials.


Its been 2 and half hours since I left my house, I make sure I have everything and go back home.

I am near the corner, I look at pretty boys house, there's a huge white and blue moving van in the front, a couple boxes on the porch and a blue van. Its a pretty big house, probably the biggest in our neighborhood. "He must have alot of family" I say to myself.

I get by my house to find another flower on my porch step, I put my stuff on my arm and grab the flower, I can tell what this one is, its a black rose.

A new note says, "your hair, raven black, mullet sometimes, ponytail other times, adoring "

I blush at the sight. "Who is writing these" I ask out loud. I pick it up and unlock the door

I put the flower immediately in the vase with the other and continue to read the two notes over and over.

Geez this one was pretty long, I had some difficulty editing please forgive me but have a good day/ night everyone!

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