You Own Me

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I woke up with a huge grin on my face. My eyes still closed, I reached out to my side to feel Sahara.

When I felt nothing but a cold matress beside me, my eyes flew open in shock! I started panicking, she couldn't have left me! We were meant to be together! I threw myself off the bed, throwing open the door of the room... to see her standing in my kitchen.

I shook my head at myself, quietly walking back into the room and shutting the door, making sure Sahara didn't notice I was awake.

I needed to stop imagining her leaving me or I would be panicking all the time I'm not with her! That's easier said than done though, I can't believe a beautiful girl like her likes me! Well, now i had her, I'm not going to let go very soon!

I quickly swapped my clothes for some new ones that I had left in here the other day.

I walked over to the cupboard and grabbed the butt plug. I hid it in my back pocket, then walked towards the door.

I opened it gently, then crept out. Sahara was pouring some cereal into a bowl, her back to me. As I crept up behind her, she picked up the bowl and put it into the microwave.

I carried on moving towards her until I was an arm's length away. Suddenly I wrapped my arms round her stomach and lifted her up so her back was against my chest. I started spinning us both, making her squeal and laugh. I knew I was sporting a massive grin when I gently set her down on her feet, steadying her. I quickly spun her around then grabbed her waist, lifting her up and sitting her on the counter-top. I rested my hands on her thighs, massaging them gently as I stared at her beautiful face.

'Someone's happy!' She laughed.

I shrugged.

'Well, I made an amazing girl scream my name last night,' I winked at her.

'Oh really? Who is this 'amazing girl' you speak of? Do I know her?' She joked.

'Maybe,' I played along. 'She's beautiful,' I took a step closer to her, pulling her legs apart so I was standing between them and wrapping my arms loosly around her waist to keep her steady. 'And she's sexy,' I leaned forwards a bit, forcing her to lean backwards. 'And kind,' I leaned forwards some more, so she was pushed back some more. 'And hot, and generous, and adorable.' With every adjective, I leaned forwards more until she was lying flat on the counter and I was hovering over her from the waist upwards. 'And her names Amanda,' I added, jokingly.

She giggled, bringing her hand up to slap my chest, but I grabbed it in time and pulled it above her head. I then grabbed her other hand in my free hand and pulled that one up too, passing her hand to my previous hand so I was now holding both her hands in one.

I noticed she was wearing one of my shirts, and nothing else. I smiled to myself. Not only did she look so hot I wanted to tear it off her and f*ck her right there, but it was made of rough material! Perfect.

'Yesterday, your brea$ts were so sensitive. I don't think I've ever seen a more sensitive set of bo0bs than yours! Do you know what I think?' I asked.

She was blushing slightly. She shook her head.

'I think I might be able to get you to orga$m by only touching your brea$ts!'

I smiled down at her, laughing as her eyes widened as she realised what I was going to do.

I leaned my head down until it was hovering over one of her brea$ts. I swooped down, taking the material clad peak into my mouth. I started sucking gently, letting the rough material lightly rub her aero!a, making it sensitive.

Slowly, I started sucking harder until the rough material was rubbing against her skin fully, making her moan. She pulled at my resticting hands.

'Let me go!' She said breathily. I ignored her, instead bringing up my free arm to cover her struggling hands, putting them into an even tighter hold.