Chapter One

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The soft morning sunlight shone through Micheal's window, softly hitting his face. He stirred at the feeling before pulling his blanket over his head.


His alarm went off loudly surprising him slightly. He groaned loudly before slamming it off. He pulled the blanket off his head and stared the time. 6:30 am. He sighed while rubbing the sleep from his hazel eyes.

"Welp... Here we go." He muttered to himself in a groggy sleep voice before hoisting himself off his bed and into the bathroom.

See, Micheal was starting his first day of junior year in high school-- which, is reasonable why he's in a bad mood. But it's not exactly the grade he's worried about.

It's the school he's going to.

No, he isn't bullied there. And no, there isn't some awkward tension between some ex friends of his. It's the fact he was at that school in freshman year.

As Olivia Patterson.

As a girl.

Yeah, Micheal's what we like to call an FTM transgender male. He's a little worried that someone might recognize him. Which is NOT what he wants. He wants to stay in closet (school wise) so he won't get picked on. He makes a little wish that people won't bother him today as he starts the shower.

He strips off his pajamas and hops into the shower. The warm water washed over him as his thoughts began to wander. Not to mention trying to avoid looking at his breasts since they make him dysphoric. He washed his fluffy brown hair with cherry shampoo (his favorite scent!) and after a few minutes turned off the faucet. He wrapped a towel over his chest and came out.

He walked in front of the mirror and wiped the steam off of it to see his reflection. He stared at the mocha skinned freckled teen that stared back him. He took a shaky breath and dried off.

He started getting dressed-- putting on his boxers and pants first, before putting on his binder (which, for the record, was a little hard to do). He then slipped on his favorite hoodie and his choker before headed down stairs.

His seven year old brother, Kaleb, was seated at the table munching away at his Fruit Loops while my mother was in the kitchen making some omelets.

She saw him walk into the kitchen and she smiled. "Morning Micheal." she greeted him before turning her attention back to the omelets sizziling in the pan. "Sit down, I'm making omelets. I know they're you're favorite~" She said. He half smiled and shook his head.

"Nah, Mom I'm good." He declined. Her smile faltered and she put a hand on her hip.

"Micheal, they is no way in hell I am letting you go to school without eating breakfast! I know you do that when you are nervous." She said.

Micheal rubbed his arm, and she sighed. "Look, I know you're nervous to go back to your old school, but I promise you everything will be fine!" He gave a doubting glance at the ground, before she cupped his cheek and smiling softly at him.

"You'll do great." She said and he smiled for her.

"Thanks Mom." He said to pulling her into a hug. He loved that his mom still looked out for him, even through his trasition. He pulled away and grabbed his plate of his mother's famous omelets and sat at the table next to Kaleb.

Kaleb looked up at him and giggled. "Ha Ha! Mikey has to go to school today and I don't~! He teased and Micheal rolled his eyes.

"Yeah but you have to next week, and since I'm starting earlier, summer starts earlier for me." I reminded while chowing down on my omlet, and he whined. "What?! That's no fair~!" He moaned in annoyance. I chuckled at him as mom walked by and patted him on the head. "Yes it is, buddy. Now, c'mon. I have work off this week, so I'll take you to the park in a bit. How does that sound?" She asked, and he cheered.

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