|| Chapter Five ||

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Things had been starting to change between the two teens during the past few weeks. They had began to grow closer, each developing feelings for the other boy. The due date of their English project was growing closer, yet, they were already pretty confident about the fact that their comedy skits were enough to let them pass the semester. Though, Gundham still snapped at Souda; he didn't seem to mind. He wanted to help Gundham, make sure his edgy friend was happy.

Gundham hated snapping at Souda, though it made him feel better to know that no matter how bad he was: Souda would still be there for him. And honestly? If you had that kind of support off a friend, you would be happy to. And although Gundham seemed happy, it was artificial. He told Souda he was going to try and get better. He was. But hey, easier said then done.

Right now Gundham was sat in French, his head down. They had their mock exams, since they were in Year 11 and had their GCSE's in a few months. That was another reason Gundham was stressed, another reason why he wasn't happy. The stress of exams worried him: What if he failed? He was sure his Mother wouldn't care, but that would mean he wouldn't be able to give Aiko the future she deserved. Poor kid. Gundham just wanted what was best for her.

And, though you could choose your subjects to study for your GCSE's, you can only choose once. Beginning of Year 9. Two years ago, for the two. Souda has decided to choose Spanish, since: 1.) His crush at the time, Sonia Nevermind, has chosen Spanish, he did too. And 2.) because it was easier, and, let's face it. Learning a foreign language never has been Souda's strong suit. Currently, he was staring out of a window, his pen resting between his lips. He did this a lot now. Zoning out, thinking about the future. His friends seemed to be more comfortable with Gundham now, which was another reason he was happy.


The two were walking home from school together, which they did on most nights. Sure, they didn't always spend time together, but they walked halfway home, and then split ways. Aiko tended to ask Gundham about Souda when he wasn't over, since she had taken quite a liking to the bubblegum haired teen, just like Gundham had himself. And, sure, Gundham acted happy when Souda was around, when he wasn't... well... that's a different story. Once he had got home, he was sat in his room, a knife in his hand: which is what he was currently doing.

His hands were shaking, his sleeves rolled up his arms. "Where did I get this overwhelming crush..? It's sharp as a knife... and twice the rush...." he mumbled to himself, inhaling deeply, before pressing the knife to his skin; exhaling once he feels the blood run down his arm. He smiled slightly, continuing the process until drops of blood were threatening to drop the floor. He covered his arms with fresh bandages, before rolling his sleeves down again and sliding the knife under his bed.

Later on that night, Gundham's phone buzzed. He yawned slightly, picking it up and glancing down at it:

SoDA: :P

-opened. 11:02pm-

TanakaBanana: Okay dude but it's literally 11pm

-delivered. 11:02pm.-

TanakaBanana: Souda???

-delivered. 11:03pm.-

TanakaBanana: Okay, dude, not funny.

-opened. 11:06pm-

SoDA: I'm here.

-opened. 11:07pm-

TanakaBanana: Where did you go

-Opened. 11:07pm-

SoDA: I went to get food lmao i scared u xP

-opened. 11:08pm-

TanakaBanana: Okay well no you didn't scare me.

-opened. 11:10pm-

SoDA: Ok well yes I did.

-opened. 11:11pm-

TanakaBanana: 11:11 make a wish loser ;)

-opened. 11:11pm-

SoDA: I wished that u lov me :(

-opened. 11:12pm-

TanakaBanana: that's gay

-opened. 11:12pm-

SoDA: shit ur right

their conversations like this went on for hours, and were one of the only things keeping Gundham up early hours, laughing and smiling to himself. Soon enough, 2am rolled round and both boys decided to sleep. Although, for Gundham, that meant lay on his back, contemplating and questioning his existence for a few minutes. But yeah, eventually, he did sleep.

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