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Hey guys, I wanted your opinion on my poem's which I wrote last night, Read and tell me how are they.

                   Broken Beyond Repair
" Thousands of people die,
Every year, every minute,everyday,
Their body rotten after several days,
But isn't she also dead?, Many reasons,
Her body isn't rotten but her eyes are blank,
She is breathing but she is empty inside,
She sits on the sofa beside the window,
She stared at everything nature created,
She see's flowers bloom as well as die,
She see's love as well as hate,
She sits still, her black her swaying back and forth,
She stopped fighting a long time ago,
There she sits, lifeless,
Broken Beyond repair"

Ok, That's it, comment and please tell me how it is..
Waiting for your response.
Yours truly,
Infinite seeker.

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