I opened my eyes to find a beam of sunlight piercing the darkness in my room. Morning already!? I thought to myself. I grabbed my glasses off of my dresser and put them on my face. I rolled out of bed careful not to wake my best friend Jazzy. I grabbed my ipod to check any new tweets from Diggy Simmons and a couple from Mindless Behavior. I was waiting on a tweet that would make this the best birthday ever. Nothing yet. The special tweet was about winning tickets to Diggy's concert in Raleigh, North Carolina and some backstage passes. That would be the best birthday a girl could ever wish for.

I kissed my poster of Diggy and sauntered to my bathroom. I began to brush my teeth and then covered my face in face wash. Let it sit for two minutes I read on the face wash tube. I don't have bad acne, but when i get a pimple it's very unsightly. I exited the bathroom and went back into my room. I shook Jazzy awake and she jumped up.

"Whaaaaattttt" she whined.

Then she saw my face that was covered in white cream and she freaked out so bad, she fell out of the bed.

"Hahaha get up. We need to be on Diggy watch" I said leaving the room.

I started the shower and got in. I did my hygiene routine and dried myself off. I wrapped a towel around me and went back into my room. Jazzy then exited my room and went into the bathroom to take a shower. I rubbed lotion all over my body and put on some deodorant and perfume. I put on black skinny jeans, an orange knitted tee shirt, and orange and black Vans. I stood in my full body mirror and combed my hair out of a wrap.

My dark brown hair was the perfect length. It wasn't wicked long like most girls or super short like others, it flowed a little past my shoulders and was a little bit puffy. The only way my hair wasn't going to be puffy is if i got a relaxer. I'm black, Peurto Rican, Dominican, Chinese, white, and native american. But, I prefer to call myself black. Just black. I personally hate when girls say "I'm mixed with blah blah blah and blah". Honey just say you're black! No one asked you about who your ancestors reproduced with.

I placed a black and orange Obey hat on my head and applied some lipgloss on my lips. Jazzy entered my room wearing black skinnies, a black and grey MTV tee shirt with the sleeves cut off, black and white Adidas, black nerd glasses, and silver hoops. She and I stood in the mirror checking ourselves out when my mom called us down stairs. I grabbed my ipod and my phone and rushed down stairs.

"Yes ma'am?" I asked.

"What're you and Jazzy doing today?" she asked.

"Ummm... We were about to eat breakfast and walk around the neighborhood for awhile. Why?" I replied.

"Oh I wanted to take you guys shopping today, but someone's on the phone for you" she said handing me the house phone. "Put it on speaker" she said smiling.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Hi Imani" the voice on the other line said flirtatiously.

"Hi... Umm who's this?" I asked.

"It's Diggy"

I let out the loudest, scariest, most blood curdling scream imaginable three times and started shaking. My mom burst out laughing and Jazzy screamed along with me.


"It is, it is" he repeated.

"OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU!!!" I hollered.

"Haha I love you too" he replied

I screamed again and handed Jazzy the phone so I could get my emotions under control.

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