Seven- Cravings

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Scott never knew the desire to want chalk

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Scott never knew the desire to want chalk..until now.

Scott rubbed his bump, the desire only continuing to grow.

He could feel the temptation growing! He wanted the smell!

Sitting up in bed, Scott crosses his arms over his bump.  He wanted to wake Stiles.
Scott bit his lip.

He decided to lay back down, and hoped the craving would pass.

Scott fell asleep.

But soon was dreaming of smelling chalk.

He woke in a cold sweat, and gasping.

"What's wrong?" Stiles questioned, sitting up.
"Sorry Stiles." Scott replied.
Stiles shakes his head "Are you Okay?"
"I am fine." Scott answered.
"Are you sure?"

Scott looked at Stiles. He exhaled softly "I have a craving."

Stiles laughed.
"Don't you laugh at me Stiles." Pouted Scott.
"I'm not. What are you craving?" Stiles smiled.
"C-chalk." Mumbles Scott.
"Chalk? You want chalk?" Stiles deadpanned.
Scott nodded.
Stiles rubs his face "Okay. Let's go get chalk."
Scott pumped his arms in the air.

Stiles drove to the only 24 hour business.

Stiles took Scott's hand as they walked into the building.
"Hello." Someone said.
"Hi." Stiles repeated.

Stiles lead Scott to the aisle full of chalk.

Scott grinned like a child.

"Go crazy." Stiles says.

Scott grabbed two different chalk boxes.

"Happy now?" Stiles asked.

Scott nodded "Now to get cinnamon and peanut butter."
Stiles grabbed Scott's arm "What?"
"Cinnamon and peanut butter." Scott responded.
"That is what you want?"
"Gross babe." Stiles gagged.
Scott huffed "This is your fault!"
"How is it mine!"
"Because you got me pregnant Stiles!"
Scott ran from Stiles.

"Damn it." Stiles murmurs rubbing his forehead.

Stiles walks to his car where Scott is sitting.

Stiles get in, and looks at Scott.
He is looking out the window.
Scott does not say anything.
"I'm sorry Scott. I just.." Stiles stumbles for words. "I got what you wanted."
"Even the cinnamon?"
"Yes, especially the cinnamon!" Stiles announces.
"I'm sorry." Scott says.
"Do not be sorry."
"How can I not be sorry! We are arguing over cinnamon!" Scott sniffled.
Stiles hooked Scott's chin with his hand "This is not our first fight Scott, and it won't be our last one either."
"It's our first fight about the baby."
"It is." Stiles agrees. "But I don't care. I will do anything to make you happy as be."
Scott leans in to kiss Stiles "And you do Stiles. I am very happy."

As Stiles was driving, Scott opened the box of chalk, took one out, and sniffled it.
"Wouldn't it be cooler if they smelled?"
Stiles looked over.
"That would be cool." He agreed.

Scott continued to sniff his chalk.

Scott stood behind Stiles with his chin on Stiles shoulder as he made the craved sandwich.
"I can feel your bump pressing into my back."
"We are not close as we were." Scott replied.
"That's okay! Now, here is your sandwich."
Stiles slides the plate over.
"Thank you."

Scott takes a bite.
His eyes turned red "Very tasty."

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