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My name is Y/N L/N. I love to play Soccer since I was a kid. But something happens and it made me scared to play Soccer.


I'm around 8 years old. I have a group of Soccer. I'm the captain of this team. We have a tournament coming up, and it's not just any tournament. It's Football frontier, the biggest tournament in Japan. So we're going to have to train hard.

"Y/N-Chan! Here!" one of my member yelled as they pass the ball to me. "I got it!" I yelled back accepting the ball.

Then I keep kicking the ball towards the goal. "Come on, Y/N-Chan! Bring it!!" Angel, our keeper yelled out. "Right!" I respond. When I get to the front of the goal.

I jump and kick the ball. There's a hint of electricity in it. "Thunderbolt!!" I scream. Angel tried to stop it, but it's futile. The ball make it in. Then I land perfect on my feet.

"Woah!! I feel the electric shock! Your kick just gets stronger Y/N-Chan!! That's amazing" she said. "By the help of you guys, you help me train. Thanks guys" I said. Everyone cheers for me.

Then out of no where. The cloud started to darkens. Then a thunder strikes the ground, making us flinch at the light and the loud sound.

When the light died down. I can see a silhouette of someone standing there.

"Who are you?! What do you want?" I yelled at her

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"Who are you?! What do you want?" I yelled at her. "I want all of you to be my servant" she said. "Servant? Tch.... In your dreams!" I spat. "You're brave enough to fight back... What's your name?" She said. "I'm Y/N... I am the captain of this Soccer team, t/n (team name)" I said. "Y/N... That's a nice name. So you're their captain" she said, smirking.

She starts walking closer to me. "Y/N.... I've been observing you for a while. You have the same ability as I do. Lightning" she said as she walks around me. I just stand there unable to move, afraid of what she'd do to me. "Yes... You will be perfect" she said. "W-What?" I asks. Then she stops in front of me. "You will be perfect as my new vessel" she said. Then she place her hand on my chest. Then it starts to give a bright glow. I let out a blood-curling scream as an intense pain shot through my body.

I drop on my knees. When I open my eyes, she is no longer around. "What... Where did she go?" I question the others. 'I'm inside you" I heard her in my head. My eyes widened "what?! Get out!" I yelled. "It's no use... You can fight me. You belong to me now" she said.

Then I can feel a strong power flowing around me. Then my once h/c turns silver, my once e/c turns blue.

I start laughing evilly

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I start laughing evilly. "Yes... This power feels amazing. More! More" I said. The others back away in fear.

I look at them. "There's no need to be afraid. I'm not gonna hurt you" I said. They start to relax a bit.

End of flashback

Since then... I've become more violent. No one is able to stop my kicks. I became evil. The demon inside me is Ravana. She's a demon of lightning.

Ravana controls me most of the time. But she can't make me do what she wants. She can only took over when I play soccer. I can't stop playing, Soccer is my favourite things to do. I love to play Soccer so much. There's just no reason for me to stop.

But one thing that I didn't get. Why would Ravana chose me. There's a lot of people with the same ability as I do, maybe even better. So why did she chose me? That I never know. She refuse to tell me.

I just hope that one day, she would stop controlling me and choose to be inside other people. I want to play Soccer freely, without her controlling me all the time.

I'm laying in my bed as it is night time. I decide to try and talk with Ravana. 'Ravana?' I call out for her. 'What?' She respond, she never sleeps. She just stayed silent as I sleep. At least she cares a bit.

After a while, I warm up to her. She isn't that bad, despite being a demon. 'I still don't get it... Why did you choose me?' I said. 'You don't have to know, my dear' she said. 'This is my body?! I deserve to know' I argue. 'My my... You're right, I'll tell you. But not now. Now get some sleep. Tomorrow is a big day, you have to safe your energy' she said in my head. I sigh 'fine....' Then I close my eyes and drift of to sleep.

*to be continued*

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