The Strangest Family (prologue&ch1)

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I hope whoever reads this likes it :) Thought this off the top of my head and it wouldn't go away so I took it as a sign to post it.



3 Years Earlier

I run through the forest tonight panting hard trying to escape the horror I seem to never be freed of. I run until I get to my quiet spot, my secret area where my fears and pain dim and fade away. I stop by the pool of water and try not to cry out in pain as I look at my reflection. I cry all night until sleep finally takes me into its darkness where the images of what I did fade away.

The sun's warmth wakes me from my sleep and as last nights memories return I curl up into a ball and cry again as the fact I am completely alone sinks into my numbed mind. Never will I see my family laugh or cry, never will I see their faces, never will I be with the only people who have ever loved me. The memories of how I killed them fresh in my mind as I cursed the fiend that changed me into the vampire that I am.

I numbly get up off the ground and walk. I feel no destination appear into my mind I just walk. I vaguely see people look at me with disgust and some with fear having seen my blood covered shirt. I just walk not knowing where to go. I have no more family to turn to so I just walk.

"You seem to be lost." I hear a male voice and look up to see a married couple a few feet from me. The female looks at me as though she sees my inner suffering and then surprises me by speaking. "Richard, darling, bring him home with us. Make the red tape move along smoothly. He needs a family to love him." The male chuckles and looked over his shoulder to the man that appears to be an assistant of sorts. The man nods and brings out a hand held phone and calls someone. After a few moments the man closes his phone and puts it back into his pocket before saying, "All clear, sir, the boys officially your son."

Still stunned from what the female said I feel myself being pulled to a limo and I get in not knowing that I just got the most strangest family known to man.

Chapter 1

Present Day

Damon's P.O.V

I slowly open my eyes as I wake up and nearly fall out of my bed as Chad and Jason barge into my room and jump up onto my bed. "Come on, batboy, get up already mom says if you dont get up no ones going to the beach today." Chad said trying to keep his excitement under control. I groan as I sit up and shove him off my bed. Chad yelps and hits the floor with a thud and Jason falls off my bed laughing at Chad's girlish yelp. "Guys, let him get dressed before he decides to use you as breakfast." Chad and Jason look up to find Ryker leaning against my door frame. "Aww, but Ryker, if we don't tease him how will he know he's loved?" Jason asked chuckling. Ryker sighs and comes in grabs Chad and Jason by an arm and drags them out of my room. I laugh. "Thanks Ryke!" I called out before getting off my bed and makeing my way to my closet.

Richard's P.O.V

"I don't care how you do it just find that bastard and get him behind bars pronto!" I slammed the phone reciever down and banged on my desk. " Richard, darling, is everything alright?" I turn away from my desk and walk over to my wife and hug her to me. "*sighs* It seems Conrad managed to escape the police bus that was transporting him to the pen." I feel her shiver and I hug her closer. "I know, my love, but don't worry." I lean back as she gazes into my eyes. "The maniac will be recaptured and I'll personally see to it he gets the death sentence." She nods still fearful though and I can't blame her. That bastard nearly took her from me last year. Luckily she was with Damon, Chad, and Zane; I know if those three weren't with her my heart would be shattered.

Chad's P.O.V

"Damon, did you hear what dad just said? That damn bastard that tried to kill mom last year escaped." I looked at him and saw he heard alright as I see his eyes darken from grey to black as his fury gets worse. I place a hand on his shoulder. "Calm down bro, if you get any more pissed you'll break something." I watch as he breathes to calm himself down. Hard to believe its been three years since mom and dad came home with him trudging behind them. I took one look at him and knew what he was but I also felt a bond between us form the moment he looked up and saw me. I saw that lost expression and the deep pain in his eyes and knew in an instant I'd be there for him no matter what. Three years and he's gone from the lost boy then to the one he is now. He's learned how to control his temper a lot quicker than Zane or me did. Speaking of Zane I wonder where that demon is at the beach beckons and I for one don't want to ignore it.

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