Greats of Science Fiction

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This collection of writer profiles aims to showcase the history and lives behind some of the greatest Science Fiction writers the genre has seen. From the early 'greats' and 'masters' of the Science Fiction world to some of the 'genre shakers' who have revolutionised how SF is viewed; from Dystopian to Steampunk, via Space Opera and Hard SF, we will try to showcase the wonderful world of Science Fiction through its many writers, both past and present. 

The posts will be done alphabetically (by surname) so you can search for your favourite writers, but we also need your help. 

If you can't see the writer you want to see, why not write the review yourself and send it by Private Message to the Science Fiction profile (the review can span as many message boxes as you need, please do not limit yourself to 2000 chracters if you have more information). If your review is accepted we will post it here and dedicate the post to you so everyone can see it. 

As a starting point, Wattpad will upload information for the big three; Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein to give you an idea of things. After that, it's up to you guys. Get writing! 

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