{22}: All of Your Love

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...Can you give me a light so that we can ignite 

Yeah I see the way you look at me

Karmin - Gasoline

He gave me a lopsided smile as he begin to ran his hand through my hair. "I'll be glad to," he whispered his breath hot against my lips in a sweet, long kiss, drawing circles on my lower back as I felt myself get dizzy from him. We pulled apart the crowd clapping loudly as the DJ put back on some music as people begin to swarm around us.

"Just know that I'm holding back..." he let out a ragged breath, "a lot, because we're in a crowded room." I traced his jawline as a low growl escaped his mouth as I disentangled myself from him walking back to the table.

"Hey, guys, we're just going... to take a walk," Seiko and Tay exchanging knowing looks as they looked back at me.

I knew and they knew I won't be  coming back.

The table was full of full of disbelief, but didn't say anything. Xavier shook his head as a laugh escaped his lips, picking up his glass to drink. "So when do you think you are going to be back?" he asked  putting his arm on the back of Seiko's shoulder, pulling her close. 

"Wel-ll, I mean we might have to talk about some things and maybe eat, so... I don't really know." I stammered, glancing back at Cam.

"Just go, we're going to be fine," Seiko told me, poking Xavier in his abdomen to shut up. "We know you're going to be left in good hands," I nodded shooting them a a smile with a wave of my hand as I slipped my hand into Cam's as we made our way to the door. 

Outside the lounge door told me "Get on my back, sweetheart. You're going to get a piggyback ride."

"Baby, really I am-," I  was interrupted as he cut me off.

"Sshh, sweetheart, no you're not. Stop making excuses for me not to carry you. One, I know you want to," he told me counting out his fingers to show me. "Two, I know your feet hurt, because you do that thing where you start bouncing on your heels and you make this cute face," I grinned, laughing at him trying to imitate my face. 

"What are you laughing?" he asked in mock seriousness. "I think I did a pretty good job, if I say so myself."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," I deeply sighed as he smiled, knowing that I gave in. 

"Okay, let's try this again," laughing he kneeled back down again as he slipped off my shoes and helped me get on his broad back.

I put my hands around his neck, not too tightly, but enough so that I wouldn't fall. His strong arms supported me like I was a feather. 

"Baby, I got you, no worries, I'm not going to drop you, y'know," he softly told me.

"I know, Superman, I know, despite that horrible imitation of me." He let out a hearty laugh as we started to walk.

The warm spring air swirlied around us as a slight breeze swept through my hair as he carried me the two blocks to line of taxis that were waiting. The traffic was moderate as Cam waved down as a taxi that stopped in front of us.  It was way too far to walk, despite the gorgeous weather outside. All through the cab ride home, I leaned against his chest as we laughed at the people passing by and making up for lost time.

Soon the taxi stopped in front of the house as I gave the driver a tip, despite Cam's insistence that he pay for it.  I got back on Cam's back (with my heels on this time), as he carried me up the steps. Cam unlocked the door as I closed it behind him. Almost slipping, Cam caught my arm as I leaned on him for support as I took off my shoes. 

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