Chapter 7~Needed more of this

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The check up for Gabriel and Michael went normal, they weren’t sick and they were healing well from their circumcision. The house was quiet when Louis returned home, the twins sleeping in their carseats.

“Harry?” Louis called, setting his boys down by the couch. There footsteps on the second floor then they sounded down the stairs, Louis’ brow furrowed and he moved around to look. Harry was holding Saraqael to his chest, patting his back.

“He finally fell asleep,” the demon said and Louis nodded, sighing in relief. Three babies was hard work, once one cried the others usually followed. “How are the boys?” Harry asked, moving around Louis to look into the tiny car seats.

“They’re fine, not sick. The doctor said that they’re healing alright from the circumcision,” Louis told Harry, slumping down onto the couch. “We need a break. That sounds shitty but Harry,” Louis looked up at the demon who was looking at their mute son.

“I can ask Archangel Michael to watch them,” Harry told Louis. He started swaying from side to side as Saraqael started fussing, about to wake up.

“I don’t want to put triplets on his load Harry. He does enough for us, he shouldn’t have to watch them also,” Louis looked close to tears, he needed just one day. A small break, hell, he could last just a few hours and be alright.

“He loves them Louis. He wouldn’t mind just one day. After that I can go get the change,” Harry told him and Louis rubbed his hands over his face.

“Harry, I ca-who are we going to bring up? Zayn or Niall and Liam?” He asked, he hadn’t been able to make a decision from the last time they talked about this. Harry shrugged, sitting down next to Louis, Saraqael’s face was away from Louis, against Harry’s neck.

“Why not just bring Zayn up here. He would love to see Gabriel,” Harry leaned back against the back of the couch and Louis reached forward to turn the two carseats around so he could see his sleeping sons.

“When are we doing this?” Louis asked, using the toe of his shoe to rock Michael.  

“I can ask Archangel Michael tomorrow, i’m sure he’ll take them the day after. You and I could have a day together then I’ll leave the next day and Zayn will come. I’ll be back after a month, only a month,” Harry assured Louis who wiped at his cheeks, tears falling. “Please don’t cry Louis. I know this is all a bit much but it’s going to be okay,” Harry leaned forward to kiss Louis’ cheek. “I’m going to make sweet love to you when we’re alone, make you feel so good,” Harry murmured and Louis blushed a deep pink.

“Yeah?” He asked, turning to Harry.

“Yeah, do you like the idea of that?” Harry asked, standing up from the couch to put Saraqael on his tummy time blanket to sleep. He moved back to the couch and pulled Louis into his lap. Louis bit his bottom lip, looking over his deamon. Gosh, this would never get old.

“Yeah, I’d like that,” He whispered, leaning in to give Harry a proper kiss. The older man wrapped his arms around Louis’ waist and pulled him flush against his chest.

“I love you,” He told Louis who nodded, nipping at his bottom lip.

“You know I love you too,” Louis told him, smiling. Louis really missed moments like this, he wanted more of them. He needed more of them.

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