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A man drenched in sweat entered inside, holding his left arm which was injured dreadfully. He weakly fell down on the ground, panting and sweating,"Master. I was nearly caught by Mayor's men, but I anyhow escaped from them. They might find about us".

The man sitting on his chair turned towards the guy and smirked,"Do you think it's a thing to be proud about?", He crushed the glass on his hand into pieces by throwing it on the floor.

All of the other guards bowed their head down and didn't utter anything. Master got up from his chair and walked towards the man lying on the chair. He grasped the man's hair and pulled it tightly,"You committed a very big mistake", He left the hold on the guy's hair,"You deserve to die".

The guy shouted and begged for mercy as he was being dragged by the other guards, but Master didn't hear him. He left the building and walked away.

"Call V"


                      Chapter: 18



Namsan Tower

Am I dreaming? Or am I drunk? Is that mysterious guy who haunted my brain for the past few days really infront of me? Or is it just a mere hallucination?

Taehyung cleared his throat.
"Are you not going to talk with me now?", He said.

His voice was enough to make me freeze down till my feet. I felt like someone was sucking my energy from behind, as I didn't had a gut to reply to his remark.

He took small steps towards me, making my heart skip a beat with his every move. 

Me being as clumsy as ever, fell down on my butt, groaning in pain.


Taehyung ran fast and outstretched his hand in order to help me.

I ignored his hand.

"I can manage myself", I said, ignoring the pain reaching my thighs.

I heard him sighing.

"I won't", He retreated his outstretched hand and looked at me intensely giving me a stern look.

That was when floods of thought started coming inside my brain, making my eyebrows frown every second.

He laughed and drew his hand towards me, again.

I blinked twice and started at his hands,"I won't harm you". He smiled.

My heart stopped and my brain freaked out.

Staring blankly at his sincere eyes made me think deeper and re-consider his help.

I slowly raised my hand, placing it instantly above his.

"Thanks", I held on to his hand tightly, managing myself to stand up on my feet.

Cleaning the dust on my clothes, I didn't make any eye contact with him and I seriously don't know why.

I have no idea why I was behaving so weirdly around him. Until few minutes, I was so desperate to meet him, but now when he is finally standing in front of my eyes, I am actually ignoring him.

Just when I was going to ask him something, I noticed him taking a familiar piece of paper out of his pocket.

'Shit! I think I know what he is trying to do'

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