☆ Sign of the times II

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• Angels fly, right? Well, some tend to leave tad bit of panic behind themselves •

Part II

Part II

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“Is it safe to look?” You asked, hands in front of your eyes, momentarily peaking between your fingers.

When you had arrived at the location, it was already a harrowing mess. Harry was standing on the bay, getting ready for another one of his lift off, which was far off down towards the terrible rock face. There were two helicopters around him and it was a strictly windswept area. Far away from him, where you were forced to perch right now, was the only limit where you were allowed to go as per Jeff's “stiff” intructions.

“Jeff?” You called out again. It was all the thunder around you, that you were capable of hearing. But not a reply.

You couldn't believe he didn't even let you down to talk to him. Even tried Harry's cell, ha! But like he was gonna shoot his music video with a phone in his hand. Pink iPhones cost a fortune anyway, you thought.

Right now you were standing beside Jeff, practically pissing your pants at how Harry was flying mere inches up above the water, gracefully singing into the camera—that, and you were busy radiating all the panic mixed with anger, considering how you had just gotten off of an argument with Jeff. You couldn't bare to look at the horrific scene in front of you. You couldn't help but cover your eyes with your hands. Yeah, you knew it was childish of you.

“Jeff?!” You yelled for the third time when you didn't get a reply. The noise of the helicopters was a lot deafening so you had to yell to be heard.

Someone patted you on the back. “Maybe not quite yet.” Jeff yelled back while sipping on some water from his bottle. You peeked at him while you scoffed.

Harry was up there, his life hanging upon a small rope like tether and here he was, calmly drinking water from his bottle? How could he allow him to do this type of stuff?

How isn't anyone freaking out here? You wanted to yell out loud. But all you could do was wait. Fucking wait.

You groaned, both internally and verbally. “God! Why? Why did he have to do this?”

You couldn't see, as your fingers were choking your miserable vision, but you were certain that Jeff had just shrugged beside you.

“You know how the kid is. He's always ready to catch up on that extra mile. First with his music, then with the promo and now this. Nothing we can do 'bout it.”

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