My Monster (part 2) (TomTord)

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Tom's Pov

I'm playing my base on the back porch, watching over the orange sunset. Just trying to relax and rid my mind of Tord. Him being here - is unreal!

Also, to keep myself from wondering why would he come back? I doubt I'd be the reason for his return.

The last person I want coming through that back door, just-

"Hey baaabe!" Tord provocatively said before bitting his lip, causing me to burn anger. Not in-... you know... "How's Thomas doing, hm?"

"I was doing just fine until you dropped in." I shot back, clenching my teeth.

"Thomas. We both know I was the one missing from this perfect moment." He motioned to the sun, looking back at me with a smile. "Remember?~"

Oh, yeah. Our....4th date I believe, was at the big cliff that overlooked the house, as well as the sun on the horizon. We had a picnic and.... later, we gazed at the stars....

If only he acted the same as then. I'm still not sure if he is yet. I didn't gave him the chance to. And I'm not willing to. Not after how I felt when he....

"Tom?" Tord asked. I haven't noticed he took a step closer.

I looked back at him, straight in the eye with a pissed off expression. "What." I'm trying to maintain my volume. Shouting makes it worse. Holding at fist sometimes help.

"What's bothering you? You seem...on edge."

"Take a guess!" I felt my nails grew painfully sharp, penetrating my palms. "Ah-" I yelped in distress, drawing blood. I stood up abruptly, being swift to turn my back. Taking a glance at the wound.


"I'm fine..."

"Doesn't seem li-"

"Just go!" I yelled, sounding deeper than normal. Almost like a growl. Tord left without a word.

I took another look at my hands.


Blood dripped from the tips of the long, sharp nails. Licking my teeth, I just noticed the fangs that grew from me yelling.

"I can't get rid of this until I go to bed." Looking through window that showed the living room. The three sat on the couch, chatting, catching up. Overall, having a great time.
Tord noticed me looking and returned a smile, just for me.

"I should wash my hands.."

~Some time later~

Since Tord is back, Edd decided to prepare a nice dinner. Matt wanted to help him out so they're in the kitchen. I'm currently watching Tv, keeping my hands in my pocket. Tord is spending some time in our room. Probably making some changes.

Tord's Pov

The sight made my heart ache.....his closet.

Pictures of Tom and I from when we were dating are all cracked, and buried under big shards of alcohol bottles. I picked a picture up, and another, cutting my finger tips from the glass.

"Our picnic.....the movies...(our first date)." I kept picking up photos, replaying precious memories. One made me laugh. "Haha, the army. His shaved bowling ball head was pretty cute.."

One photo was taped to the wall, along side alchohol stains from throughing those bottles.

It was the two of us on the couch. We were cuddling watching Tv. So comfortable in each other's arms, we didn't bother to move. But he managed to take the photo.

Most importantly, that moment was when I said I love him.

And I -

"Tom! Tord! Time for porkchops!"

-The Dinner Table-

The beautiful work of art bestowed itself on the table, as well as the dinner Edd and Matt made.

"The bacon is mine!" Matt shouted.

It was always a competition for the greatest food ever created: bacon. It's been that way for years. At least before I left.

"Tom. You don't want any?" Edd asked quite puzzled.
Tom just sat there across from me, folding his arms looking irritated. I know he wants the bacon. Something's just keeping him from getting it.

"I'm..sure." Tom answered, sounding quite uncertain.
Maybe he just didn't get the bacon in time. I think he deserves a piece, so...

"Here." I held the bacon out for Tom to take.

"I don't-"

"Nope. I know you love bacon more than anything." After processing what I said.......I, was the person he loved more than anything...
I knew he was thinking the same since his expression turned sensitive for a moment before returning to reality.

"Thanks..." Is all he said. I dropped the bacon on his plate and returned to mine.

It's hard to eat your dinner when the love of your life who's still hurting from the brake up, is sitting right across from you. Can't keep your eyes off of them.

Though, what I've noticed is that Tom had his sleeved pulled out so you can't see his hands. And instead of using a knife, he stabbed the meat with the fork and ate it from there.

He's been acting weird. Not too sure if this type of behavior is because of me.

We're nearly finished eating. Tom however, haven't touched his bacon.

"Edd. Matt." He looked at me before continuing. "Amazing dinner." With that, he left the table.

"Yeah. Great to have you're cooking again."

"No problem!" The two said in unison. Being excused from the table, I rushed to the hallway outside the bathroom, where Tom ran off to.
I knocked. "Tom."

No answer.
I knocked again. "Tom?"

"Privacy please!"

"Wha-.....what did I do?" I asked sincerely.

"What did you do?" He repeated, swiftly opening the door, yelling back at me. He was crying in there...

"You had the nerve to come back here and act as if nothing happened!" Dark purple horns began to rise out of his hair. My eyes were drawn to it, being shocked, but Tom was too focused on yelling. "You had no idea how much it hurt when you ended us! And flying to Norway right after!"

"Actually..." My eyes are now in contact with Tom's.

"I had to heal alone!"

"Tom! I never wanted to end us!" This made him froze. In disbelief with my words. "I had to move back to Norway for business..." Tears streamed down his face, franticly bare. His mind must be racing.

"You could've called........but there was nothing..."

"Dammit, Tom! I still love you." I pulled him in for a hug, wrapping my arms around his neck. For a moment, he froze, then gave into the hug. Digging his head in the crook of my neck. I kissed his damp cheek, trying my best to comfort him.

"Please, Tom...... I'm right here."

(They'll be a part 3)

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