This chapter's longer :) Enjoy!! 

(side pic is the mystery girl :D)

We talked for hours. It was literally the deepest conversation I’ve ever had. Something about this girl made me want to rip my heart out of my chest and hand it over. I learned about her strict-as-hell parents and how she’s never really been accepted by them. She told me about how every relationship she’s been in has ended up badly. There was so much more to her than a hot body and quirky remarks. She had ambitions, fears, and hopes. Her dream was to be an artist, travel the country. 

She learned just as much about me. I told her about my too-busy mom and dad. My secret love of reading and writing was revealed, and I could’t stop myself from telling her about how I thought relationships in high school were pointless. She heard about how I couldn't really be myself with anyone. At that statement, she had solemnly said that I could be myself with her. My heart had skipped a beat. 

During the entire conversation, anytime I was talking, I felt like I was boring her. Why would she care about my life? I was proven wrong, though. Whenever I looked at her, her eyes were alert with interest and she was listening intently. Eventually, I brought it up.

“It’s amazing that you actually seem to care about my life. Most girls wouldn’t.” At the time, she was laying on her back on the plush bed while I sat up against the headboard. 

She turned to face me, “Well, I’m not exactly like ‘most girls’” 

“Oh, trust me, I know.” 

“I don’t know if that’s a compliment or an insult.” She pushed herself up and leaned against that headboard next to me. Our shoulders were touching. My usual confidence was nowhere to be seen. This girl had to be the only person I felt inferior to.

“It is a compliment,” was all I managed to mumble. 

“You know,” she started, “you’re not like most guys either.” 

I turned to face her, only to see a pair of big, beautiful eyes gazing at me seriously. “I’m just like every other guy. I sweet-talk girls into getting in bed with me, I’ve had so many stupid girlfriends, and I always break up with them.” I looked down, ashamed. 

I felt a hand on my chin lifting my face to look at hers. “That’s the person you want people to think you are. You aren’t so bad, I can see that.” Her hand lingered on me.

“Can I kiss you?” I asked when my eyes slowly met hers. The feeling was surprisingly overwhelming. I just wanted to show her that I truly appreciated her words. 

She bit her lip and frowned. Her hand dropped to her lap. “You have a girlfriend... And I’m not good with relationships...” She wouldn’t meet my eyes. 

I was disappointed. More than I probably should be. But I put on a sufficient show, by smiling and shaking my head. “You’re right. Forget I even asked,” I said. 

She sighed softly, a smile played on her lips. “Thanks for asking though, if you didn’t, I might have had to whip out my self-defense skills.” 

I chuckled, “Now that would have been interesting.” 

She narrowed her eyes, “I could kill you.” 

“Yeah, okay.” Suddenly, she gave me a hard shove, almost making me fall off the bed. 

“What was that for?!” I exclaimed. 

“I had to show you how dangerous I am.” 

As I rolled my eyes, my phone rang. Pulling it out of my pocket, I looked at the screen and grimaced. “It’s Ariana.” I stated.