But whats the point

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I was in my dorm again. Just staring at my screen. I started to write.

After everything. Leo had nothing. Her baby sister was taken away. Her grandma was taken away. Her innocence was taken. She had nothing. So she decided to do what anyone in her case would. She kept quiet. She played this happy little girl. Meant her best friend. Who soon fell in love with her brother. And as life went on. She found out something her friend never told her. Her brother raped her best friend. Just as he did to Leo.

But her friend forgot what happened and fell in love with Leo's brother. Life still went on. She faked everyday with a smile. She Let everyday pass by.

She saw some boy fall in love with her. Never being able to love him back. Having that feeling taken away a long time ago. So one day she finally gave up. Getting the ending that she deserves. Truly being happy. Truly being free.

I felt the tears. It was due tomorrow. And I emailed it to the teacher. Adding something else. I suddenly close my laptop. And get sticky notes out of my desk. And i start to write on some of them. Than I put one in our room and walk. I put one on a classroom door. Than another classroom door. Than ok a dorm room door. And another dorm room. Then I see I have one left.

And I walk. And walk. And finally see where I am. On top of a bridge. I take three deep breaths.


And I fall. Until there's nothing left. Until I have been set free.

I open the door and see Noel is gone. I shrug and walk to my bed and see a sticky note. "Hmm"I picked it up.

Gave me hope. Gave me a reason to stay alive for a little bit longer

I was walking back to my dorm and noticed a sticky note.

The one who showed me I can be loved


I opened my door to go hang out with Emma and as I closed it I noticed a sticky note.

The one who took away everything.

No ones Pov

People finally noticed the girl. They called the police. They called anyone who knew who this girl was. As a person walked closer to the girl. He noticed a sticky note on her.

Happy or sad endings? We choose the ones we think they deserve. Instead of what they need. Or the ones they want. But what's the point.

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