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Yuri quite frankly didn't want to go back home, but here he was walking in the door of the house that didn't want him. It was nearly one in the morning, but lights were on in the kitchen and voices floated to his receiver. He ignored them and started to head upstairs when Yuuri called him in the kitchen. He had a mind to ignore him, but it was Yuuri and as upset and angry as he was right not he couldn't ignore him.

"What?" Yuri leaned against the door frame.

"We need to talk. Come sit down," Yuuri replied, it wasn't a request. Yuri sighed sitting next to Alexei at the table while Yuri stood up pouring him a cup of tea and handing it to him sitting down.

"Talk about what?" Yuri looked down at his lap.

"About how you're going to stay here with Alexei and what upset you so badly."

"I told you, nothing upset me."

"It was obvious something did. Did we do something that set you off? Did we say something?"

"Yeah, you kept asking what was wrong and didn't leave me alone."

"It wasn't that. Something happened. We wouldn't have asked if you hadn't looked upset to begin with," Yuuri's eyes begged him to let him help.

Yuri ignored it, "Who wouldn't be upset? I'm just a burden that gets passed around. Just let me live alone and I'll be fine. It's better than knowing you aren't really welcome in a place."

"Is that what you think?" Alexei said quietly, "that no one wants you anywhere? I can assure you that's not true. My wife is extremely excited to have another child in the house."

"Where's the little girl? She was here."

"Valeria? Her mother picked her up. She's home sleeping. Why?"

So Yuri could avoid her, "Curious."

"Yuri, you're avoiding the topic," Yuuri sighed.

Yes, he was, "And? When am I supposed to move anyway?"

Yuuri bit his lip, "Tomorrow. We're leaving tomorrow too. Victor and I have packed basically everything except the kitchen and we packed the living room and half the kitchen tonight while you were away. That's why he's not here. He fell asleep and I made him go to bed."

"Why are you even moving? Why not stay here? You know I've had people I love die too but that doesn't mean I uprooted my whole life!"

Yuuri sighed closing his eyes for a moment, "Yuri I miss my home. I have my father to look after too. Victor and I have thought about it, I need to move, to be near my family."

Yuri was frustrated, "Then is there a reason I'm not going with you?"

"You told me in the car you didn't want to leave Russia. Besides that, Victor and I decided that you'd do better here. In Japan, you wouldn't be able to finish school this year because of how bad your Japanese is. They'd put you with the first graders."

"You didn't give me a choice. What if I didn't care huh?"

Yuuri pursed his lips, "Yuri, we're only try to figure out what's best for you."

"What's best for me is that I go with you to Japan! That you don't leave me!"

"We aren't leaving you now. Think of it as a very long visit. This isn't debatable. I'm sorry Yuri, but it's decided."

Yuri stood angrily and walked upstairs to him room taking his receiver out and putting it in its case.


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