Chapter 6| the rescue

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The cold Atlantic breeze ruffles through my clothes, sending my body into slight shivers. But it's good. A bit of fresh is exactly what I need after being held hostage in that stuffy, captivating house full of drunk teenagers.

"Come on, I'll show you somewhere" Jacob nods towards a small narrow lane, it's pretty dark I notice. The only lights showing the way are the dim street lamps. I hesitate.

Don't go with him

Stupid Finn with his stupid mixed signals and his stupid warnings. He's just so stu-

Jacob notices my questioning looks,"I'm Jacob Sartorius. I couldn't harm a fly" He chuckles in a low growl, a hint of amusement in his tone.

I nod quietly as I scurry along to his side. It's dark but the street lights hover above the leafless trees. For a dark September in Georgia, you wouldn't expect it to be this lifeless.

"I used to love coming here when I was younger" Jacob chuckles lowly, I glance over at him, my lips curled upwards in a smile. This boy manages to surprise me every time. His gaze is fixed to the road ahead but the dim street manages to capture his small smile.

I raise an eyebrow,"Seriously, I would have took you for a more LA style" I sarcastically point out.

Jacob chuckles,"No I'm from Virgina, but I have family down here" he explains.

"Ah" I reply.

"We're almost there" Jacob sighs calmly.

"You know, I was kinda surprised you asked me out" I blurt out following it up with a chuckle. God Millie what's wrong with you?

"And why is that" I feel Jacobs glare in the corner of my eye but my gaze stays on the path ahead.

"Well you know, your are Jacob Sartorius," I emphasis,"You have so many girls pawning after you, I wouldn't expect you to ask out a girl you barely know" I continue, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

"I guess" Jacob says surprised,"I don't know- I guess there was just something about you Millie, something that made me want to know you better" He sighs, leaving me slightly dumbfounded.

A moment passes,"We're here" he says finally.

God maybe I shouldn't have came.z

We turn a corner and my eyes widen in shock, oh my god it's beautiful.

Because laying right in front of me, in the very dim light is a stream, two fallen trees crossing over it, making it kind of like a bridge. The tall trees part as the moonlight reflects on the small river, I barely make out the large flowers growing beside the flowing stream.

"You like it?" Jacob chuckles, obviously reading my facial expressions.

"It's something out of a book!" I gasp in excitement, getting another set of chuckles from him again. And as if he wants to shock me even more, he reaches out and grabs my hand, entwining his fingers into mine.

He's holding my hand. Something that I never expected to make me feel so uncomfortable but none other the less I brush it off.

I glance over my shoulder at him,"I love it" I grin. Jacob leads me down the path towards the two fallen trees, the only sound coming from the stream and the nighttime crickets.

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