I shake my head and smile brightly, running off towards the Uchiha.

"Alright, hun, do you want your scars covered?" I ask, putting the makeup on the ground.

"I want some great winged eyeliner." Obito says, crossing his arms.

I laugh, grabbing some foundation.

"Maybe tomorrow." I laugh, beginning to put the makeup on him.

After some intense makeup moments, the two of us decided to just leave the scars. Both of us were less pale, and I had fixed our hair, making us look like new people.

"Alright, you ready to go out without a mask?" I ask, grabbing my backpack and putting my mask in it.

"If we get figured out, I'm going to hurt you." Obito warns, handing me his mask.

"Trust me, we're fine." I comfort, closing my backpack and staring at Obito.

"Anyways, since we're stalking, I'll probably be able to find out who killed my clan."

Obito looks at me quickly as his eyes widen.

"You're still trying to figure that out?" He asks.

I shrug and turn away, starting to walk out of the abandoned home.

"They're probably dead, but..I just want to know." I say, opening the door and walking out.

I hear obito follow me, my eyes fixated on the ground.

"And what do you two think you're doing here?" A voice asks, making me look up.

"Kakashi...?" Obito and I whisper in unison.

"What..?" The grey haired man asks, more confused.

I take a deep breath and smile, closing my eyes.

"Sorry sir, but we were ordered to inspect the Uchiha residence." I say, pointing at Obito.

"This residence has been shut down for the past couple of years." Kakashi growls, slowly grabbing a kunai.

My eyes widen, memories of what Itachi told appearing in my mind.

"I know. But we think there's more Uchihas still alive." I say, my face emotionless.

Kakashi pauses, causing Obito to speak up.

"If you excuse us, we have to go talk to some people." He says, his voice maybe too dark.

"...Alright. But, I'll have my eyes on you." Kakashi says, slowly back away.

As Kakashi jumps away, Obito and I continue our walk.

"I want to tell him." I whisper, glancing at Obito.

"We can't." Obito sighs, putting his arm around my shoulders.

"Can...I at least tell him that we aren't dead? That there's still a chance for him to find us??" I ask, thinking of things.

"Maybe later, but not now." Obito says, pulling the yellow tape up, leading us out of the residence.

"He needs some hope." I say, watching people walk pass.

"But maybe that's not the right kind of hope." Obito suggests, making his way through the night time crowd.

"What do you mean?" I ask, looking at Obito.

"...Having that hope would probably make him think that Rin and Minato are still alive, which they aren't." Obito whispers, not wanting to let anyone hear.

"With what he has gone through, he needs as much hope as he can get." I say, looking away.

"I know that you used to be best friends with him, but it's too late for this friendly stuff. Right now, we need to find information on Naruto." Obito snarls, slowly glaring.

"You can tell me what to do when it comes to the basics, but when it comes to my comrades, I make the decisions." I snarl back, pulling Obito's arm off of me.

"Pein would be very angry." Obito warns, glaring at me.

"Screw what he thinks. You're the true leader of the akatsuki." I say, crossing my arms.

"Fine. Tell him. But if he finds out about us, I won't hesitate to kill you." Obito states, roughly pulling me to his chest.

"Let me die, like your other senpai did." I growl, grabbing his hands and stabbing my nails into his wrist.

"Keep Rin out of this." Obito whispers, his rage slowly turning into an aurora.

"You're only using me to forget about her." I whisper, my nails digging deeper into his skin.

I start to notice people staring, causing Obito and I to pause. I take my nails out of his wrist and I feel Obito's grip on me loosen.

"We'll continue this talk later." Obito growls in my ear, causing me to nod silently.
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Also here's a naruto version of Lynx! (it's trash)

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