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@jillyanais: Girl day with @taytaystevens 💜💜Tagged: @taytaystevens Likes: 2,538,663Comments: 2,538,988

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@jillyanais: Girl day with @taytaystevens 💜💜
Tagged: @taytaystevens
Likes: 2,538,663
Comments: 2,538,988

@taytaystevens: Awwe 💜💜

@Mom=Jilly: best friend goals

@LianeV: goals 🤗😍👄

@destormpower: y'all left Janina

@jillyanais: sorry 😞😞 @destormpower

@Official.Janina: 😭😕😞

@taytaystevens: sorry boo

@hatethem: I used to like you but then you became friends with Jilly

@kingbach: that's my baby

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