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He shook his head looking at his menu . I looked over at cam seeing him making a gun with his fingers pointing it at Dorian. I rolled my eyes Looking at Dorian as he smiled at me drinking some of his raspberry lemonade.

Stop looking at me like that I blushed

What I can't help it you just so beautiful he said biting his lip

Thank you I smiled

I'm not ready to go home Dorian I pouted wrapping my arms around him

Its getting late ma and we both have school he laughed

No I wanna stay with you I smiled.

Okay you can stay with me he said

We was at the park sitting by the lake.. He was sitting on the picnic table and I was sitting between his legs

Wassup Harley I heard cam voice say

Hey I said lowly

He walked closer with three other guys behind him. I wrapped my arms around Dorian as he rubbed my back.

Grab her cam said

What....no I yelled

I tried to fight the big buff dude as he pulled me off Dorian. I yelled for cam to stop as him and his freinds jumped Dorian. I kicked and punched but he wouldn't let me go. All I seen was blood

Cam get off him your going to kill him I cried

Shut up bitch he said throwing me on the ground. I groaned. Holding my wrist. They finally left as I ran over to Dorian. He had a bloody nose and a busted lip. I held his body close to mine as he groaned in pain. I helped him up grabbing his crutches . once we made it to the car I helped him in sitting his crutches in the back seat..

I got in as he pulled off speeding to his house.. Welp that didn't take long at all

I ran his crutches in the house as I got out helping him. I led him to the bathroom. Grabbing the frist aid kit

Let me take care of you I'm good he said smiling a little

No your not im okay I said taking off his bloody shirt.

He Huffed sitting back in the chair.

After taking care of him he wrapped up my wrist wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him .

He smiled Hugging me . after we had our shower he ordered us some food then we laid in his bed watching movies and eating hella junk food .

I wish I can spend the night  I said

I know maybe She'll let you spend the night tommorow he smiled

I nodded laying on his chest why is cam doing all this he the one who said he didn't mean to send the message I mean all he gotta do is step up and tell me he wanna work things out. But then again I'm also falling for Dorian .

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