Chapter-20 "Living Together"

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I got up, applied some makeup and with a heavy heart and a injured stomach I went to the court.

There every member of the family were sitting and all were looking tensed. Suddenly the king looked up to me and said
"oh good, you're her---... What's with that bruise on your face"?

He asked me before completing his sentence. I looked over to Edward who was shooting daggers at me and the queen who had a threatening look on her face.

"umm.. Nothing I slipped in the shower" I answered
The king looked at me suspiciously and continued
"anyways, we've got quite some news for you"
I asked "what will that be?"

He replied
"The word has gotten out about you and Leo living in separate rooms, it's raising suspicion in the people which is not good for us"

"so...? " I asked confused
To which rachel replied
" this means that you and leo have to live in the same room from now on.. Am I right King? "
" yes, you're right " king said to rachel

I questioned the king" Is it necessary?"
He answered "Yes, yes it is"

I nodded my head. I was quite surprised, not at the fact of me and leo having to live together but to my reaction to this news. I wasn't sad or angry or nervous, as a matter of fact I was quite happy myself, because living alone was boring and also I had to give a little warning to Leo after all his life is at stake here.

"Oh okay, all good" I thought for a while and answered the king

"You sure? " the king asked
I was highly confused at the fact that the king was considering my opinion

" um.. Yeah I think so it won't be a problem with me"
I replied

"Good, then you better shift your stuff in Leo's room,  or just leave your stuff the guards will do that "

I nodded and decided to exit the courtroom, as my stomach was hurting like hell and I was a bit tired too.

I went straight to Leo's room. He was in the court still, so I decided to shift to his room once after he returns because if he comes in and find me sleeping it'll be hella awkward.

So I turned around to leave just when I bumped into someone, and that someone was none other than the greek god himself.

He stood their smirking at me and I was intimidated by his hovering presence.

"Where are you going?, aren't we supposed to live together now"?
He asked me

"well Yes, we are, I was just going to... Umm... Get some stuff" I replied in a shaky voice.

"Oh okay" he said and came inside,  I was staring how perfect he is just when he turned around and caught me staring, my cheeks turned crimson and I left the room as soon as possible.

I didn't knew why but I felt so weak whenever Leo's around it's something about his aura that's so intimidating.  Whenever he's around I feel like a lost little girl in a crowd of strangers. That's exactly how I feel around him and I seriously don't know how will I manage to live with him

Ooooh, marriage or Rollercoaster ride?


Important note: I am not really mentioning the blood intake,  BUT GUYS IT'S HAPPENING!

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