Chapter 1

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Hey there, I'm finally writing my fifth book!

I decided to start putting a m/v that I enjoy in every chapter and you can comment if you like it too :)

Enjoy the story!

Y/N's pov:


Like every other day, I would scroll through SNS and see all the hate comments thrown at me.

<Y/N doesn't deserve Jinyoung >
<I agree, I expected a lot more from Jinyoung>
< When will they just break up?>

" Would you stop looking at the negative comments?" Jinyoung who was leaning his head on my shoulder napping commented.

"Fine.." I was about to leave the page but Jinyoung took the computer instead.

< Aww I love seeing both of you together 😍>
< My ship is sailing~>
< Oh my gosh! You two are like the cutest couple ever!>
< I love you Unnie! You're cool!>

" Hey... Look. " Jinyoung nudged me. I looked up and saw the comments.

" At least some people support us.." I looked down.

The past few years, Jinyoung's fangirls have never once stopped bashing me. And yes, we have been dating even before Produce 101.

One time, some of them even followed me and beat me up. Obviously, I couldn't tell Jinyoung because he won't be fuming mad. But in the end, he found out about it and made a public announcement that if anyone lays a finger on me, he would give them no mercy.

After that incident, the fangirls surprisingly stopped following me. But the hate they gave didn't end at all.

" See? There are still many people that like us. Smile. " Jinyoung smiled and used his fingers to lift the sides of my mouth.


Suddenly, we heard a ruckus outside the house.

"They're back. " Before Jinyoung could walk to open the door, the door flung opened revealing 10 noisy boys.

" Look at what Jaehwan did! He broke my newly bought vase!" Minhyun started ranting the moment he stepped into the house.

And yes again, I live in Wanna One's dorm.

I do not have an apartment because my parents are working overseas and may never come back unless I go back and look for them. They send money to me monthly but it is not enough to pay a house's rent. So, Jinyoung insisted that I moved in. Thankfully, the manager of Wanna One is my uncle, so he gladly allowed me to stay here.

" Hyung it's just a vase. " Jaehwan said while looking as pissed as ever.

" You didn't ju-"

" Oh my gosh stop!" Jisung interrupted Minhyun.

" Let's just eat now. " Jinyoung said and everyone proceeded to the dining room.


That is the first chapter. Hope you enjoyed it☺️

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