10: A Happy Distraction

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Sophie stared out the window, bored. That was what she did in her free time now. Stared out the window. Bored.

The war ended two weeks ago, but Dex's regiment hadn't come home yet. Fitz said that it was a long journey home, about a week, so why wasn't he home yet? Sophie couldn't count how many hours she waited for him at the nearest window facing the road, wondering when he'd be home or if they'd gotten lost or if something terrible had happened to them-

Sophie turned around when she felt a tap on her shoulder to see a smiling Biana.

"Hey, I know you're waiting for Dex, but I was kind of wondering if you'd take a break from platonically pinning and joined me for my baby appointment?" Biana fiddled with the hem of her sleeve anxiously, "If it's not too much trouble I mean. It's just that Tam is helping to clean up the front and I don't like to go alone."

"That's alright," Sophie smiled tiredly, "I don't mind."

"Really?" Biana brightened, "Thank you! I know waiting must be tiring but today is the day we get to find out the gender and I thought you'd like to come and be the first to see. It may take your mind off things."

"I think that this will be the perfect distraction," Sophie nodded in agreement.

"Excellent! Let's go!" Biana began to walk off and waved for Sophie to follow.

Together the two girls made their way down the hall, and Sophie couldn't help but feel a little nervous. She didn't know exactly what was going to happen, but she was honored that the princess asked her to come with her to such an important appointment. She was going to be one of the first people to know the gender of the royal baby... that was a big deal, and Sophie couldn't help but be excited.

When they walked into the infirmary, they were greeted by Elwin, who was smiling widely. His arms were outstretched in welcome and he bowed a little, "Princess Biana, Miss Sophie! What a pleasure to see you both. Have you all been well?"

As Sophie nodded, Biana answered, "Yes we have, thank you very much."

"Excellent, excellent! Now, why don't we take a look at the baby, hm?" Elwin gestured to a cot grandly and helped Biana lay down on the quilted surface.

Sophie sat in the chair next to Biana and held her hand gently, watching excitedly as Elwin put on his funky goggles and flicked orbs of light over Biana's stomach. After a few minutes, he announced proudly, "The baby looks healthy! Everything is advancing right on schedule."

"That is wonderful news," Biana smiled, sighing a little in relief.

"Yes indeed. Actually, the baby is developed enough that I can tell you the gender... would you like to know?"

"Most definitely! I'll surprise Tam when he gets back," beamed Biana brightly.

Elwin smiled, "Alright, and Sophie, would you like to see the baby with my glasses?"

Sophie flushed in surprise and looked to Biana, "May I?"

"Of course! I can't see the baby myself because of the angle, but I'm glad you are able to," promised the princess.

Sophie had an idea, "I have a photographic memory, I can transfer the memory exactly how I see it onto paper!"

Biana gasped in wonder, "You can do that?"

"Yes! Let me run and get the appropriate paper," Sophie smiled widely and shot out of the chair, not waiting for a response before running out the door.

She dashed down the hall, holding her skirt up with one hand, and dodged servants as best she could. She got some dirty looks and warnings to "watch out!", but Sophie didn't care. She was on a mission to get paper so the princess could see her baby for the first time.

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