Sam's point of view:

             "Sam, can I speak to you for a sec" Sarah gets out of her chair throwing her napkin on the table, grabbing my wrist and pulling me out, "What?" she glares at me as I close my mouth, "You can't live together, you sure can not have a baby. He used to have an imaginary friend, I love him. I love you guys together. Y'all will get married some day, but until than DON'T. you can barely live on your own and neither can he!" she screams but quiet enough for no one to hear.

            I roll my eyes, but she had a point, "Sarah, I can do this! For once believe in me, please" i looked at her straight in the eyes, as she searched mine trying to find something. She sighs, "Fine. I just don't like this" she walks back into the room with a big smile on her face, I roll my eyes and walk back in, "Everything alright?" Niall leans over and whispers in my ears, I nod and smile. Finally the food arrives and everyone eats in peace, "People,  really? I want this and none of you guys can believe in both of us?" I say dropping my fork, "We all believe in you, it's just to soon darling, We all love you guys together, just I would've waited 'till I got married" Danielle says, eyeing Liam who blushes and shoves his face full of peas, "Niall can't even cook on his own! Better yet clean" Harry says eating some broccoli, "Wow thanks guys for being there" Niall says coldly, "Sarah, you're my sister. You're suppose to be here for me! and you guys are Niall's  family! Y'all should definitely be here for him! And all you're doing is putting us down" I say sitting down and playing with the peas, "Sam, we want you to do this! I love that you want to do this, so do it. I'm not stopping you. But remember this is what mom and dad did, and they didn't last. I don't want to see you guys go through that pain" Sarah says looking hurt, "We wont" Niall says taking my hand under the table and giving it a squeeze, I bite my lip and continue eating.

     ~ We finally arrived home, me and Niall went straight to our room. "I can't believe they didn't support us" I paced around the room, biting my lower lip and throwing my arms up in the air, Niall sits on the bed taking off his shoes, "Look, as long as we want to do this, what should get in the way?" he walks up behind me and stops me, he wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my head, "Go get out of that dress and lets go to bed. Tomorrow i'll talk to Harry about it. He wanted to do the same with Sarah, but after her reaction tonight, she crushed him" he smiles gently at me as I walk into the bathroom, I slipped off the dress and put on a tshirt and some pajama shorts. I walked out to see Niall asleep on the bed, I scoffed and got into the sheets, I faced Niall's sleeping face and kissed his cheek, his eyes flutter open and he smiles to the sight of me, "Sorry, really tired" he says throwing the sheets over him, "Niall, I can't do this when Sarah doesn't support me" I look down as he pulls me close, "Sam, you can't always have support, I know how that feels, but you don't need Sarah's blessing to move in with me, it's up to you, and if you don't want to I'm fine by it, just tell me" I Nod and kiss his lips lightly, "I want to move in with you" He smiles and kisses me hard for a second.

      "Good night baby, love you" I smile, "love you too" and turn over to fall asleep. I love him, but i can't do this without Sarah supporting me, it just wont feel right, and Harry's right, he can't cook or clean, and that's all he does is eats. But i don't care, I love him and we will make this work. Tomorrow we are going flat shopping, Wait. Harry wants to move in with Sarah? Aha, well at least she cooks and cleans, and he cooks. I cook too but I'm not a cleaning person. Sam, go to sleep. Stop thinking, stop thinking. . . . but what if Niall doesn't clean? That leaves me to cook and clean for him while he does nothing! I'm not that type of girl. Shut up Sam! just go to bed. . . . . Shit, I can't move in with him, YES I can. I love him with all my heart. - "Sam go to bed. I know you're over thinking shit" Niall mumbles making me shut my eyes tight and fall asleep.

     Sarah's point of view: