Ron's POV

Lying in bed at 3 am in the morning gets you really thinking. Like I was thinking about Hermione.She was gorgeous, smart, but boring, no action like I got with Pansy. Hermione and I have snogged a bit but that is all, whereas when I was with Pansy there was more then a bit of snogging. We were caught around 3 times in broom closets after curfew in the short week that Hermione wasn't here (but she doesn't need to know that).

Why did I break up with Pansy? I thought to myself. I guess that she wasn't as pretty as Hermione, but she gave me love and affection (even if her face reminded me of a pug).

Great, now I am thinking about pugs. Tomorrow I will confess my love to Pansy. I might keep Hermione as an entrée as Pansy is the main course!

Draco's POV

As Hermione walked into the great hall for breakfast arm in arm with that weasel with red hair my heart melted. Why did she go back to him? Why didn't she choose me? Why Ron?

I had to sit down because I felt so broken inside. Blaise came and sat down next to me muttering reassuring words to me but it was all a blur. I just kept staring over at the Griffndor table watching Hermione and Ron together. Ron then casually put his hand on her thigh and began rubbing it gently.

That's just did it for me. I got up from my seat rather loudly and stormed out of the hall to my hiding place (my special place).

Hermione's POV

Ron put his hand on my thigh under the table and started rubbing it gently, I giggled at this. Luckily Harry had gone back to normal, Ginny looked glad that she didn't have to talk to psyco Harry(hazza) any more. I then heard a loud noise coming from the other end of the room. Draco Malfoy looked really upset yet angry as he stormed out of the great hall.

"Ron, I need to go............ To the library now, some charms homework due next month" I said,(that was close, I didn't know what else to say).

"I can come with you" said Ron standing up from his chair.

"NO, I need to go by myself"

"Are you sure?"


"Very well then babe." Ron said giving me a quick peck on the lips before I walked out of the great hall.

Draco's POV

My heart. It hurt so much. I hated that weasel. He took her away from me. My parents would never speak to me again if I told them that I loved a muggle born, I'm not so worried about mother but father. I can remember all the times he would beat me and use the cruciatis curse on me day after day. Teaching me that half-bloods and muggle borns were filth compared to the "superior pure bloods" as my father would say. I knew that was not true.
I started running to my special place. I got to the room of requirement, I thought of the beautiful apple trees with plump green apples on them and the lush green grass which rivers run through. There was a small pool of water around 3 meters away from the biggest apple try that I would often sit at and read. But today I thought I would in for a dip. I took my clothes off(apart from my pants, yon never know if any one will come in) and got into the cool clear water. The water cooled my skin drastically, it also refreshed me, I started to get cold so I got out and put a heating spell on my body. I lay down under the largest apple tree and started to get sleepy, minutes later I feel asleep not aware that someone had entered my room of bliss.

Hermione's POV

I saw Draco enter the room of requirement and started to follow him when Luna came up to me about nargles,hoopwhats and other things that I had no idea what they were. I didn't want to be rude so she spoke to me for the next half hour. Once I had gotten away from Luna I walked through the doors of the room of requirement. I looked around the room. It had large apple trees with plump red and green apples growing from it. The grass looked fresh and new. It had a pretty river flowing though the middle of the room with a rock pool.

Then I saw Draco lying under the biggest apple tree sleeping(shirtless). I have a boyfriend, why should I be thinking this. Was it his Scandinavian blonde hair or was it his perfectly toned abs? I was about to leave the room when I herd a yell from Draco.


I thought Draco was awake but I he was yelling in his sleep.

"Don't die on me please" tears now streaming down his face.

"HERMIONE, don't kill her Bellatrix" I started to shake Draco violently. He kept on screaming my name and I couldn't wake home up. My last resort was water. Augumenti. Draco shot up from his sleep panting, sweating, dry tears on his face and wet.

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