New Neighbour

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Taejoon pov
      I should introduce myself..
"Hello, I'm your new neighbour Taejoon imnida..Ms.Min right? Nice to meet u"

"Ahh ne" as u smile

I give them my wide smile..

I can tell at ur face.. U annoyed with me.. I know I'm loud and cheer up..

"So I want to marry your son" I joking with tease sound.. Huhu..

"WHAT?! " you shout.. It's so funny..

"Don't u mind.. I'm talking to your brother..right Yoonji?do u want to marry me?"

"No way.. Hahaha! " Yoonji said jokingly as I repeat the question u feel annoyed.

"So.. See u tonight? " I said

"Tonight? " Ms. Min ask

"Yeah.. Dinner? I'm your neighbors right? " why not?

"Yeah.. "

Time skip

Yoongi pov.

I bring heavy grocery bag and I greet by an annoying girl..

"What r u doing here?" I said coldly

"I'm helping your mom.. Jenny.. Yoongi homes.. "

"Jenny? " I confused.. She use to talk like she known us that long time ago..

Time skip

We have finish dinner.. We talk a lot.. But I can't stop looking at Taejoon.. Idk wae..

"Hey u.. Can we talk outside? "

"Sure.. Cmon! " she grab my wrist and bring me to outside..
"What do u want to talk about"

"YOU SO ANNOYING YOU KNOW! you just find something serious into comedy!"

"Yeah.. I know.. But we must take it positive.. And always smile.. U.. U have forgotten smile right? " she said cheerfully..

"H-how can I-I forgot to smile"I shattered..

"Let me teach u how to smile.. Hana dul set.. Hmm.. Cmon follow me.. Hana dul set.. Hmm" She said that.. Like I'm 5..wth

"Argh.. I don't want.. "

"Cmon.. Smile.. "

"Why should I smile? "

"Who knows? Tomorrow May Never Comes? " you said.. I confused.

"I give up"

I walked in back.. Go to my room and think about Taejoon said.. Have I forget to smile.. And now.. Every I look at mirror.. I start practise how to smile and laugh.. Yeah.. She true..

But.. What is the meaning of Tomorrow May Never Come?

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