chapter 1.

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A bright light fell onto my eyes as i was sleeping. The morning came. I slowly openend my eyes and sat myself up right.
"It's already morning huh?"

With a sigh escaping my mouth I lifted myself up from the bed and went to my computer. I let myself plumps on my chair and checked if i had a response.

Yeah i was waiting for an email from a show called "Idol producer". I applied to work there because currently i'm not working.

My eyes widened. They responded! The email said i had to come at 10am to make an interview and to show if i was able to teach them somehow. I looked at the watch on the computer.

"Oh my god. I'm almost late!" I shouted and ran to the bathroom. Quickly i took a shower and got myself ready to go. Hurriedly i ran out of my apartment with my jacket and keys in the hand.

Thank god it wasn't that far away. I just had to drive one station with the bus. When I got on the bus and had to stand my mind started to work again.

Gosh I'm nervous when I think about it. This is not my first job interview but messing up isn't a choice either. I have to get this job because I enjoy dancing. That's my chance to turn my hobby into my job.

Oh that's my station. When I got off the bus I plugged my earphones in and listened to some music. It helps me to relax.

- Time skip Arrival -

Here I am standing in front of the bulding to have my interview. I took a deep breath and smiled. "You got this!"

I walked into the building and saw a women at the reception. "Hello! I'm here for an interview" I said with a bright smile. She looked up and responded "Oh yes! Please follow me"

I looked around while I was following her. It was very modern and pretty. I would love working here for sure.

When we arrived at some door she knocked and slowly opened it. "Excuse me" She said and gave me a sign to wait as she walked in.
I assume she is telling them that I'm here.

After a while she came back. "You can go in now." she gave me a smile. "Thanks a lot!" I said and slightly bowed. I pressed my lips together and entered the room.

I saw 2 Judges. Zhan Yixing. And Jackson Wang. I smiled and bowed "Hello my name is Y/N. I applied here a week ago as dance teacher" Yixing gave me a look from head to toe.

"I see." He said. Jackson asked "You're 19. Are you sure you'll be okay to teach them at such a young age?"
"Ah yes. I'll do my best." I said pressing my lips together again.

"Prove it with actions if you're good enough." Yixing said strictly. "Yes." I responded quick.

The music started to play and I danced my coreographie. I only focused on the dance.
As I was done I stood there and huffed.

"Alright. I see what you got there. I really enjoyed it." Jackson said with a smile relieving my a bit. Now I glanced over to Yixing. I gulped.
"No need to be scared now. I liked what I saw so you can start working next week." Yixing said handing me a paper.

I walked over to him and smiled. As I reached out to the paper he stared at me.
"One important rule you should never break.." he started to be even more serious.

"No romance and flirting allowed."


I hope you liked the first chapter! I'm trying my best guys!

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