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Yoongi pov
       There's a problem in the house again.. My mother and my grandma argue about my lil sister Min Yoona playing with my brother Min Yoojin until he slip by his own.. But my grandma just keep said that Yoona do it on purpose ..

"STOP! Enough"

As my mom bring my sibling to the room and told some story from her past..

"Let just pray to God to bring an beautiful angel to take away our pain.. Okey? Cmon"
She said.

I saw them keep their hand together as they praying.. I decide to join them.. I close my eyes.. And 'tragedies' evening pop out my mind..

There's a girl bump into me..I didn't realise I drop tear as I opened my eyes..

"Dear god.. Please send us an angel to take away our pains and bring us happiness.. "I pray..

Taejoon pov
       "Ahh.. It's bored in here"

My and I stay at my grandpa house.. It's winter outside.. So I decide play with snow at my balcony..

And then I saw a family.. Praying.. But I want to see a man beside the little girl.. He kinda familiar.. I smiled..

Time skip

Yoonji pov

I watch basketball games..

"Cmon cmon! He's open!What are doing guys?!" I got a little bit upset cause my team didn't get the goal..

And he just send me a bad words.. What da heck..

Taejoon pov

It's It's so cold out here.. Let's change first..

I do my daily routine .. Do my stuff and take this outfit

 Do my stuff and take this outfit

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Okey I'm done..
Let head to my neighborhood

I go out and saw street full of colour.. It's so nice.. Then I saw a girl and little boy.. Yesterday..

"Hello girl, hello boys, hello doll" I greet them with my sweet smile.. Bruh

"Who are u? And what are you doing here? "  the boy talked to me.. I guess he upset nvm.

"My mom said, don't talk to 'strangler'" Little girl say to me.. Aww she so cute..

"It's stranger not strangler" the boy said.. Whoaa.. He cold..

"Okey,My name is can call me no on a.. First of all I'm not stranger ..I'm your neighbor I live across your house" speech from me..

"Liar, there's stupid uncle Kim who always flirting with my Nana"

"Well-he is my grandpa"  I said to him with a serious tone.. But never mind.. He didn't know..

"Oops.. Sorry"

"It's okey"

Then I heard the most beautiful voice so loud and it make my ear want to blood..

"Omg.. Who is ruining my ear"

"It's Nana"

"Who is Nana? "


So I go to front of their house and I shout..

"Yuhuu! Nana!"

"Yuhuu!! " I shouted and there 3 middle age woman came at window.. Okey..

"Yuhuu.. Spice girl.. Over here! " as I shouted they look into my direction..

"Who are you? you Ruining our karaoke time?! "

"well, I'm Taejoon your new neighbour... Well let me be honest.. Actually U just just made our ear bleeding.. Look at this poor guy.. They even cover their ears"

They gasped.. I was about to talk.. My grandpa came..

"Oh! Nana! I'm sorry for the rudeness.. Please forgive her"

My grandpa.. Who is have crush on this Nana.. So.. Let's tease them.. And my grandpa just signal me to keep my mouth shut up.I hide behind my grandpa back Until there's a man came out from window.. He so cute.. Kawaii.. I look at him and dance for him

Ended of my dance.. They cheer except him..

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