1.2 My Love

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“Arghm....Mrghm,” we both snapped open our eyes hearing some one clear their throat. Not so hard to guess that they were trying to stop us? Curse them now!

I gazed into his eyes, desperately hoping to not see any kind of regret or guilt. Though somewhere I obviously know he may feel the same. I might be looking good today, but truth will never change that I am ‘The Nerd’ anyone would feel shame to hang around with.

Crashing my petty hopes I saw his dazed eyes soon converge into shock, regret and guilt. I may have known his reaction but never would I want to see them. My heart broke into millions of pieces. The guy I love doesn’t love me back. My mind let out a snort, mocking my own self.

The girl attendee took me back to the same seat as before with a very knowing smile which I returned with a sad one. Arnav rushed out of the room as soon as I started back to the chair as if he couldn't stand my presence. It hurts! The attendee most probably would be thinking me and Arnav to be boy friend and girl friend. If only her thoughts were true, sigh!

“Here ma’am,” the girl gave me a bracelet with diamonds placed all over the thick band. I wore as she said and that’s when I noticed my now perfectly shaped nails that were adorned with a nude color and shiny gloss added.

She then made me wear the diamond studded hanging earrings that went well with the a while before worn bracelet and also the dress I am wearing.  I noticed a pair of silver click heals too, I’m sure for me to wear. I wondered where this all have come from.

“Sir sure have a prefect taste ma’am.” I heard the girl beside me talk and gazed at her with my eyes full of questions.

“He chose the perfect dress for you and then these other accessories too. I wonder if he’s a fashion designer or something?” The girl voiced her doubts while I no longer felt any reason to answer her. Sure Arnav is a fashion designer, not now but in future he’s going to be one for sure. Now things made sense, Arnav brought everything that’s needed for me.

“Done ma’am.” The girl chirped while I gave her a faint smile. Getting out of my seat carefully I made my way to where Arnav is now seated and reading a fashion magazine.

“Lets move?” he asked as soon as he looked up at me. I nodded in afformative. He stood up from his place and made his way to me.

“Arnav, tell Anjali to come and meet me once. It’s been long since I met her!” I heard the girl, who I guess is the head of the parlor, say to him. Anjali is his elder sister, every one knows.

“I will inform Di.” he replied with a polite smile and made his way out of the parlor not before taking my hand into his and dragging me along. I already took the bag that have my dress in which I came here.

The car zoomed on the roads making way to our college. I made myself comfortable and gazed out of the window not trying to look at him. I can’t make myself a fool again, this time knowingly, while I know all what I'd do is keep gaping at him at every given chance. I let the air kiss my face as I denied him from turning on the A/C in the car.

So much for myself to stop, but I couldn’t. I let my eyes go back to him, now driving the car. I may have missed noticing it before, but now as he is seated at a safe distance from me and my mind is all working normal, I looked down at his dress up.

He wore a charcoal three piece suit with a light wine colored shirt being keeping us color coordinated. I took a look at the Rolex that is playing peek a boo from his shirt’s sleeves. He looked the perfect definition of a greek god. Not just now, but like always.

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