Funny Writing

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This page is one of several silly Funny Writing  posts.  I like collecting random sentences from undeveloped, unedited, or unfinished writing.   The point of Funny Writing  is in revealing how to spot novice lines and laugh while you learn from them.  It's a teaching tool that shows you how funny an ill-thought sentence can actually turn out.  I must offer a disclaimer, however, that these are intended for teaching and humor only.  I have intentionally left out author's names under the Fair Use laws in order to protect them from ridicule, and I am extremely proud of these authors for writing, and for continuing to write.

Now, here are some of those lines which I've found while reviewing and giving critiques.  I cherish how these made me smile, and I love that I can share them.  And keep in mind that every writer has written a bad line, so it's okay if you do, too.  Lord knows, I've written plenty of my own bad lines!  Just remember to go back and edit them.  Learn from it.  Laugh at the ridiculous lines you have written in the past.  (How I wish I still had some of my own old writing so I could comb it and share!)

The imprisonment of my mind in my own body isn't something I ever want to feel again.

For some weird reason I held my breath and sat still in my seat.

Just thinking about me makes me depressed.

I walked to the center of the room and began searching my eyes.

When her hand reached to my face, I shocked my eyes open.

His eyes froze in shock.  (Okay, that sounds painful, lol.)

Not only that, I found shackles around my arms and ankles attached to a chain in the floor.  (There is a comma missing before the word and.  This makes it appear as though she found shackles around her arms, and then there were also ankles on the chain on the floor.  I don't know whose ankles, but there are ankles there.)

My room was my haven, the place I could find eternal rest.  (Um...the character is going to die there...?  This is why you must choose your words carefully, heheh.  Eternal rest means death.)

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