Chapter 6

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QOTD: Now or later?

"Why do you dislike me so much?" Elijah prompted making me look at him in disbelief

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"Why do you dislike me so much?" Elijah prompted making me look at him in disbelief. Surely he knew why, what he did wasn't something I'd forgive or look over.

"You know why, Elijah."

"I wouldn't be asking if I did, Maya." My eyes lingered over to Neil casually watching us. He must have known by now too.

"How do you not know? How could you possibly not know?"

He leaned forward and set his glass of whiskey on the coffee table. "I'll ask you once more before I compel it out of. Why do you dislike me so much?"

I had to think before truly answering him. Would he harm me for my next words? "You're an asshole. You treat me like I'm below you and you probably think that too. You have some sort of sadist side of you that likes to see me hurt and upset. You make Neil act all sorts of stupid when he's around you." Neil looked truly offended but I avoided his accusing glare. "You think just because you're some vampire you don't need to have the same level of decency as everyone else."

He stared at me intently the whole time. "Are you done?" Hearing no harshness in his voice I slowly nodded. "I'm going to speak my opinion about you and you're going to listen and wait until I'm done like I did for you." I again nodded.

"You want me to treat you like you're below me. Not because I'm some vampire, not because I think I'm more superior than you, but because you like it. You spent months with both of us and had no problem with the way we treated you- you liked it. I may have a sadistic side but you think as though I'm going to kill you if you say one thing I don't find appealing. I don't make Neil act any sort of way. You can like him more than me, I don't care what you do with him but you're going to stop constantly comparing us. We're not the same person, we have different personalities. Him being my brother does not change that. You expect so much out of us at times comparing us to the other."

"But you do have a problem with me liking him more. You get jealous and lash out at me." I huffed and regained my thoughts. "It doesn't even matter. I don't know how to make it more clear, I don't want you two to be apart of my life anymore."

"Stop." I looked at Neil and raised my eyebrows.

"Stop what?"

"You can't say you don't want us in your life one moment and go out of your way to find one of us. You two just fucked after you told us repeatedly to stay away from you. You come knocking at my door and all we do is argue then you leave telling me you want no part in my life but you'll show up the next day again."

My fingers tangled on my hoodie trying to hide myself from his accusing stare. He couldn't have been more right. "I-" I didnt know what to say.

"You what, Maya? Can you see how that makes us feel like you're interested again but you get mad when we try and go to you for something?"

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