Chapter 1

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"Who's that?" I ask Rapunzel. She follows my gaze momentarily before lighting up, the way she does every time she has gossip or news to tell.

"Jackson Overland-Frost, as I've heard. Dreamy isn't he?" She practically fawns over him.

"He's okay," Hah. I don't even believe myself.

I feel like this moment is one in the movies. He walks by with two guys close behind him, leaving a trail of sighing and awing girls. His hair is ruffled in an attractive sort of way, windswept to the side. Nice clothes, hot smirk, and brilliantly blue eyes that lock on me for a few seconds. The ends of his mouth tweak upwards in my direction but I blow him off, turning back to my locker.

"Are you craaazy?" Punzie prods me in the arm repeatedly. "He just smiled at you and you turned around!"

"Yeah," I shrug, trying to hide the scarlet that had filled my pale cheeks.

"Why?" She gasps disbelievingly.

"He's not my type." I say shortly, grabbing books for my next class- literature.

"Not. Your. Type? Elsa, how is hot bad boy not your type? It's every girls type!" she adds and I elbow her with a laugh.

"Shut up, Punz." I chuckle before shuffling through the students towards my class. I wonder why 'Jackson Overland-Frost' would transfer here at such a random time in the school year? Like, halfway through third quarter?

I'm pulled out of my thoughts when my cell vibrates. After sliding it from the small pocket of my backpack I check the screen.

"Mr. Link:
Meet @ my office ASAP."

I reply quickly.

"I'm in school. Only have one hour left, is that okay?"

He sends back a 'yes' and I continue on into my classroom. It must not be that important if he can wait another hour. Usually he'll call me in immediately when it's an urgent mission, but I guess it isn't that alarming, then. After taking my seat in the back, I look up to see the new kid sitting in front of me.


Luckily class starts moments later because I don't know what I'd do if he talked to me. I can take down 3 trained ninjas at once, but talking to a hot guy? Heck no.

"Good afternoon, class." my ancient teacher, Miss Clara, greets us with a fake smile and bubbly wave. At the beginning of the year we would all return her warm welcome but by now all the seniors were ready to get out of this crap hole they call school. We just grumble a little and she continues on. "I'm pleased to announce we have a new student. Would you introduce yourself, dear? Come up here," she beckons him to join her at the front of the room and I can see him grudgingly obey. He strides up and half smiles.

"I'm Jack," he says, adjusting his black leather jacket. "I just transferred here today." He looks bored, as I'm guessing he's done this five times today. Or maybe that's just his permanent expression.

"Where did you go before?" Miss Clara questions him.

"Homeschooled," he slides his hands in his pockets and slightly nods as he speaks. I feel a little nervous when his eyes find mine again, so I just pretend I'm searching for something in my book bag; he's still looking. I've tuned out Miss Clara's voice as she speaks about how amazing the homeschooling program is nowadays and how she wishes it was like that in her day (which was probably 80 years ago because she's like 100).

He eventually takes his seat and slides out his phone nonchalantly as the lesson carries on. We're reading like a crap play or something but I just kind of ignore the audio as it over dramatically reads each line from the script and I focus on his lit up screen. Did that say Link on it? No way, there's no way he's texting my boss. Maybe it's a different guy?

"Miss Clara? Sorry to interrupt," a goth TA sticks her head in the room. "the nurse needs to see.." she pauses to glance at the paper in her darkly decorated hands. "Jackson Overland-Frost."

"Okay, thank you honey." Miss Clara dismisses the chick and looks at Jack. "Do you know where the nurse's office is?"

"No," he hardly glances up from his phone, but Miss Clara is too old to notice.

"Alright, why don't we have.. Elsa show you?"




"Will you do that, deary?" she asks me and I nod hesitantly, standing up and making my way to the door. Jack follows close behind me- a little too close- as we exit the packed room.

"Elsa, huh?" My cheeks burn for some reason but I push the nerves down.

"Yeah," I nod. "and you're Jack?"

"Yes ma'am," he nods.

"Ma'am?" I question him and he chuckles, ruffling his fingers through his hair.

"What? You don't like that?" he laughs.

"It's gross. I'm just Elsa," I say as we turn a corner. Gods, why is the nurses office so far away?

"Okay, Just Elsa. Tell me about yourself." he says and I look at him.

"Um.. I have a sister named Anna and we live in an apartment close by here. I work at.." I can't tell him where I really work. I don't think Link would like me telling some random guy "hey, I work for a secret agency to protect and defend mortals" so I just say I work at some clothing store at the mall.

"Sounds rather interesting." his hands find their way into his pockets again and he kicks a rock carelessly.

"It is," I say through my teeth. "what about you?" I ask.

"I don't work." he replied. Wow, that's a turn off. "It's too much stress for a pretty boy like me," I sense slight sarcasm but his arrogance kind of pisses me off. "but I guess I promised my mother I would work eventually so we'll see." he adds.

"So, you broke your promise?" I ask him.

"Well, some people accidentally break their promises." he shrugged. "That's what I think, at least." How could you accidentally break a promise? That doesn't even make sense.

"Whatever," I roll my eyes. "here we are." I fold my arms after beckoning towards the door. He gives me a nod and says, "Thanks, hottie."

What an idiot.

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