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Nong Love shook Phun's hand repeatedly. The good doctor stood there motionlessly like someone struck by lightning. She did not really get what happened to him. He was all smiles a while ago and agreed to come with her to fetch her brother. She really likes this doctor. He is very kind and he always has that soft look in his eyes. Having lived on the island, Nong Love has met a lot of people, from the friendly one to the rather serious ones. From the happy-go-lucky to the more reserved type. Indeed she has developed a strong sense of perception of people.

When she first saw him on the boat, he was a beauty to behold. Phun can truly stand out from the crowd even while staying quiet on the corner. His simple clothes couldn't hide the magnetism coming out even in his languid state. Nong Love smiles to herself. She loves seeing beautiful people ( who doesn't?). So when she heard those poor beautiful ladies gossiping about that certain handsome man who caught their attention, she decided to help. Her dad did remind her to help others whenever you can. She practically was following her dad's words of wisdom. Such an obedient child she is.

So he happily approached this man who's currently having a staring contest against the deep azure sea. This man was surprised at her sudden appearance but he then smiled fondly at her. Her brother did say she has great charm over people. I guess that true then. This man to whom she now calls P'Phun, unexpectedly answers her weird questions and even agreed to help her with her pet Tsuyoi. He is indeed a handsome man with a kind heart. Nong Love knew she got another person that is, Doctor Phun, on her list of top favorite people in her life.

And did her Dad also said that heaven will give her merits to every good deed she does? And so the candies and chocolates and the Bhats might be gifts from heaven for helping those girls with their problems. Her dad truly is a wise man. Nong Love is happy, she can help people (especially ladies) through this. They usually need this kind of help on her P' Yoru and P' Night. And every time they'll laugh their asses off just like what they did on the breakfast table this morning. Guess she really did a good deed since even the doctors are happy. Her new favorite person Phun even shared their laughter with a face all red, which makes him utterly adorable.

Now, Nong Love stands excitedly under the shade of the coconut tree. Her tiny hand holds tightly on Phun's left arm while her eyes search for a particular passenger on the boat. She waves frantically when she saw him walk down the plank of the boat before immersing on the crowd of walking passengers. Nong Love can now only see the top of his head as a rather big reggae looking guests carrying a big bag unto his shoulders blocks her view of her brother. She's calling out her name to take his attention amidst the crowded place.

She was all smile when finally she saw her P going towards them. Even in a simple white shirt, ripped jeans and a white cap, her brother still look dashing. He is all smile looking at her and questioningly gazes at the man behind her. She happily introduces her brother to their guest but too bad the doctor seems to have never heard her. She saw him looking towards the parking area of the motorbike with furrowed brows. She tugged his hand a couple of times before finally, the doctor seems to have taken notice.

 She tugged his hand a couple of times before finally, the doctor seems to have taken notice

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Nong Love smiled at the doctor's weird look. He is still handsome even with a scrunched up face and a furrowed brows. She then again introduces."P, this is P' Yoru, my brother", her smiling face is so wide as she turns gesture the doctor towards her brother who has been standing there in front of them all along.

"sawadee khap, I'm Yoru, Nong Love's brother". Her 'P gives his signature friendly smile towards their guest while giving him a wai greeting. The smile that makes this island guests swoon to their feet. Nong Love loved this reaction from the ladies. She is truly proud of having one handsome brother to brag about.

There was an eerie silence in between, for Doctor Phun just stood there staring at her brother. His face turns to pale white like he'd seen a ghost. Nong Love felt his hand that is now cold against her hands. She vividly saw some tears forming in those eyes to which she finds odd. For a while, the two men wherein some kind of a staring battle, where batting a single eye is not allowed. Her eyes keep switching from the doctor to her brother, then from her brother to the doctor. Her 'P 's once friendly smile turn into a rather awkward one when the latter was not giving any word at all. His giving Nong Love a weird "what's- happening-look" to which Nong Love shrugged. How would I know, I'm just a little girl?

"P'Phun, are you okay??", she gave a rather forceful tug on the doctor's hand. She is worried at the doctor's unusual quietness.This somewhat jolted him back to reality.

"ahh—Uhmmm...yeah...", he gave out a slight laugh. " I--I'm sorry"...blinking away the tears that threaten to flow down from those beautiful eyes." sawadee khap, I'm Phun", he smiled awkwardly.

"Nice to meet you Doctor, My name is Yoru", he repeated his name since he's not sure if the doctor heard Nong Love the first time around.

"uhh-Yo...Yoru", Phun absentmindedly nodded. "Right... You're Yoru.."His mumbling more like a reminder to himself as his blank gaze is now focused on the sand beneath his feet.

"Come on P'. Dad's waiting for us already". , Nong Love excitedly suggested to which the two agreed. Phun took the bag from Yoru placed on his feet.

"Oh, need for that. I can handle it", Yoru protested snatching the bag out of Phun's hands.

"it's okay.I came here to help", Phun dodged the bag away putting it behind him. "Besides, you still have another bag to carry".

"'re our guest".

"I came here to help", Phun reiterated avoiding any contact to which the latter finds odd.

Nong Love laughed at their cute battle. She took her brother by her left hand while still clutching her other right to Phun. She dragged these two gentlemen towards the home. She smiles lovingly at her left then to her right. Both showed her their gentle smiles. She chatters animatedly asking her brother on his trip to Ranong. Nong Love doesn't know why... but being with this two handsome P's feels so right...

Like it's meant to be.....


Author's Note

So I came with this short chapter last night. Edit it a bit.

This is what you get when in ten- hour of travel within 24 hours and you can't sleep.( good luck to me..)

Its Monday..have you seen a walking zombie??


Confession time:

You know how I love sotus right?I haven't watched the entire season 2 coz I don't think I can function properly for a whole week thinking what would happen next. I only watched the special scene GMMTV show and even with that fact, I still fell that a part of me will be gone. 

Seriously guys I'm having withdrawal syndrome. Huhuhu. My Sotus S final ep..

I'll bingewatch it next week (I'll try to really wait for the weekend).

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