Chapter 4

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"Where should we meet up?" I asked her. "How about right here underneath the rainbow sakura? Right after the sun goes down." I nodded and we separated.

The promise of seeing Levy gave me a new drive. I wasn't even mad at Grey when I got back an hour later and he was still on the first girl.

We finished just in time for dinner and I didn't really taste my food as I shoveled it into my mouth. "Don't choke man." Grey said as he elbowed me. I glared at him but slowed down. Grey eyes me but went back to his food.

It was dark by the time I got outside. I walked quickly through the garden till I reached the tree me and Levy were at this afternoon. I could see why it was called a rainbow sakura. The tree glowed in multiple ever changing colors. I had to admit it was pretty beautiful.

Underneath the tree I saw Levy sitting with her eyes closed and a book in her lap. I smiled softly as I walked up to her. "I thought you don't sleep." I said.

"I don't," she looked up at me. "But I feel... I guess tired might be the word. Exhausted?" she sighed as I sat next to her. "Iv had days like that too." I said.

We sat in silence for awhile but it wasn't uncomfortable. It was rather nice. Levy stood up and brushed off her skirt. "Walk with me."she smiled.

I got up and walked beside her. "So what do you usually do in your down time like this?" I asked her. "I usually read, though iv already read everything in the library here. Lucy occasionally brings me new things to read but not often."

"That's it?" she nods." Unless Lord Siegrain has things he wants us to do in town no one ever leaves... Iv never seen outside the palace gates. But I do remember your fathers shop." she smiled but this time it was a little sad.

She stopped at a tree and looked up. "Hey lift me up." she said. I raised an eyebrow and the sudden change but did as she asked. 'She is really light'. I thought. I set her on my shoulder and she reached into the tree.

"Catch!"she dropped whatever she pulled from the tree. I used my free hand to catch the small soft object. "A peach?" I looked at her as she grinned down at my from my shoulder.

"They're your favorite still right?" my face heated up a little. "Yeah. How did you know?" Again that small sad smile. "When your father made me he always talked about you. I made sure to remember every little thing." My face got hotter.

"Uh thanks I guess," I cleared my throat and gently set her down. I took a bite of the peach, it was perfect. "Hey you know, this Saturday it will be exactly ten years since then. Maybe I should get you a birthday present."

She raised an eyebrow." Birthday present?" I looked at her shocked. "You've never got a birthday present?" she shook her head.

"I don't even know what a birthday is."

"Well a birthday is the day someone is born. It's to celebrate their life. For you it would be when dad finished you. People usually celebrate and get that person gifts."

"That sounds lovely," her eyes were shining. I grinned." Well what do you want for your birthday," she thought for a moment. "I guess a new book." "You guess." She shrugged. "Well what I would really like would be to go out the city. Be free for awhile. But I can't so a book would be great."

The wheels in my mind were turning and I grinned. "Sure, a book. Gihee."

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