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>oh Captain!my Captain! I miss you so so much...Is it so wrong for me to still keep hoping for a Lovesick season 3??


We all turn around to see the new comer. A tall, good-looking guy in a loose sleeveless shirt and a cargo shorts came to our sight. His medium length wavy hair, tied up messily in a bun giving him a rather rugged look. He is probably younger than me (I thought to myself) and quite tan. His dark thick eyebrows, brown almond-shaped eyes, high-bridged nose and thin lips complete his kinda rock star image. By the way he looks, he's not pure Thai at all. He has more of a European look in him. Could he be Uncle Norak's son, Yoru?

"P'Night", Nong Love happily jumps out of her seat and run happily towards the guy .

His smiles widely at the little girl , he gets down on his knees and held her in a tight embrace. "Who is the victim, now boss?", he teases the now pouting rascal. He ruffled her hair fondly and carries her easily in his arms before walking towards us.

"Ohh.. you're here early?", Uncle Norak asked. "Come, join us for breakfast".

"P' Night, let's sit beside P' Phun", Nong Love pointing him to empty seat beside me. She happily climbs on the seat in between us. Night silently followed this little brat. We give each other a slight nod. So, he's not Yoru, I noted to myself not certain if I was relieved or frustrated.

"Yes, Uncle. I brought along the medicines. I already put them in the hall. ", he courteously answered.

"That's good then. Thank You, Nong"Uncle Norak smiles genuinely."Doctors, this is my nephew Night. Night, these are our guests. Dr. Nhat, Dr.Pern, Dr. First, Dr. Jean and Dr. Phun, "

"Hello, doctors. I'm Night. Nice to meet you all. "he gives us a wai and smiles widely unto us.

"Hello". We greeted back almost in a chorus as we return the wai.

"Is Yuro's with you?".

"No Uncle. He let me came back earlier. He said the doctors might need the medicines asap"

"Yes Nong, we do actually need it now. Those patients are waiting for that", Dr. Nhat informed the young man.

"That's exactly what we're thinking Doc. We're very honored you're doing this mission here on our little island".

"Ahh. Don't mention it Nong. We're happy to be here too", P' First said in a quite embarrassing way.

"And your place is beautiful", P' Pern can't help but add on.

"Not to mention the food", Nong Jean butts in happily.

"Thank you very much", clearly satisfied with the compliment.

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