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I woke up a little bit late than usual. Maybe because of the bottle of beer I chugged down last night with Dr. Nhat. I was in a haste since I know I am late. It' s almost seven now and there is a queue of people lining up for the check-up. Some of these were here yesterday and were instructed to come back for the free medicines. Our school sends additional boxes of medicines, vitamins and a few other basic needs. They will be here together with the materials for the school renovation.

I was half- walking, half-running as I made my way to the dining hall. Even from afar, you could already hear merry chitchats from the group on that long wooden table.

"Good morning", I sheepishly greet them. I was a little embarrassed since everyone is already here. "Sorry, I was late".

"It's okay Nong", Uncle Norak answered with his signature smile. "Have you slept well?".

"UHmm...Yes, Uncle", I answered him with a flushed face.

"We were just getting started. Come!", Dr. Nhat even added. He gestured me towards the empty seat. The table is now filled with yet another set of delicious mouth-watering dishes.

"Try this one", Uncle Norak graciously offered a plate of freshly grilled squids.

"Thanks, Uncle". I took a bit of this juicy piece of meat. The softness and its natural juice entice one's senses to the extreme. "This is very delicious, Uncle", I commented honestly. I feel like a child who had the first taste of his favorite food. Did I mention how much I love seafood?

"Glad you like it. I specifically asked our cook for this. I know as a doctor, we often live a hard life. We often take our meals for granted. We lecture our patients to eat nutritious foods but we seldom follow our own pieces of advice. You kids should also take care of yourselves. You always took care of other people but who would do it for you?."

We all nodded in agreement, as all of us are guilty of what he said. We do need to practice what we preach.

"Uncle, be careful then, I may not want to leave here anymore", P' First shamelessly threatens the old man.

"Me too, Uncle ", Nong Jean jokingly added. "You might need to adopt me".

"Ahhh..that's not a problem Nong Jean "I wouldn't mind having a pretty daughter".

"Yeyyy". We all laughed at Nong Jean obvious happiness. It's not every day we get to enjoy a treat like this so were like children now who have gone out from the cage after a long time.

"sawadee kha!" a sweet voice from my back came in to greet everyone.

Hey!that sweet voice seems oddly familiar. I turn on my back and was met with this lovely surprise. A tiny little girl wearing a pink frozen summer dress came in. She directly went to Uncle Norak and gave him a big hug before turning to us.

"Sawadee khrap Nong Love", my smile curled up instantly seeing this cute little rascal again.

"P'Phun", she squeals happily as her gaze fell on me. She, of course, was as surprised as I was. Her round eyes almost popped out in astonishment. She giddily ran towards me and clung to my arms. Such a sweet girl. "So you are Dad's guest. I'm so happy. Daddy can I sit here with P?".

"Ok...'ve met my daughter Nong Phun", Uncle Norak inquired seeing how comfortable Nong Love sits beside me.

"Yes, Uncle. We've met yesterday at the boat", I explained while ruffling this little girl's hair.

"Yes, daddy. He is very friendly.I ask him his name, his work because we really thought he is an actor. I asked him if he is on vacation. He said he is here on a medical mission. I also asked him if he is married. He told me he is not. So I asked him again if he has a girlfriend. He also said none.", Nong Love animatedly retells everything that transpires our meeting like she is doing a full report.

"ha ha ha. That was a lot to ask, Nong Love", his dad chuckled in amusement at the tales this little mouth can tell.

"Uh".She nodded right away." But I did remember it all. P' Phun also promises to help me look upon Tsuyoi, ", She happily reported giving me that hopeful look again.

"Is that so? Well, thank you, Nong.".Uncle Norak seems very fond of his daughter's bubbly character. Chuckling at her little gestures. Truly their a father-daughter tandem as both of them are very cheerful.

"I'll see what I can do, Uncle. I'm not really a vet".

'But I know you can help Tsuyoi". Her voice full of confidence looking at me like I'm kinda a superhero placing her cute little hands on me.

" Uh---I forget", she acclaimed while she fumbles on her dress pocket and took out a small pink pouch she's been carrying all along. She then emptied it on the table. "See???" her voice in full excitement as all the contents of her magic pouch now lays on the table. There were chocolates, candies, and some money.

"What are those Nong?", almost all of them inquire, curious as her enthusiasm get sky-high. I, on the other hand, had a bad feeling about it.

"Ohh. These are payments", She happily answered all smiles from ear to ear.


"Payments for what, Nong?", Dr. Nhat asked clearly in confusion.

"The pretty ladies on the boat. They said to asked P'Phun.I think they are shy. They give me these after I told them the answers.", she responded innocently, leaving the rest of us in bewilderment and me in the flushed red face. "I'm great, right?. I remember all the questions", she proudly added clearly satisfied by her own achievement.

The rest of the dining hall broke into laughter. I could see P' Pern and P' First holding their stomach almost in tears. Even the serious Dr. Nhat did not escape this girl's charm. I could only shake my head in embarrassment while this little girl happily shoves her payments back to her little pink pouch. I was right then, I was unintentionally sold.

"See I told you, you're going to be a mafia boss", a cheerful deep voice cuts in our laughter. We all turn around to see the newcomer.


Author's Note

"Welcome to world my newest nephew . Yehey!!!!!  

My apologies. I know I was MIA last week ...real world asked too much of my time.

Big Thank you for those still sticking around for this...and for liking/adding up this story 

I'll try to punch in some time in between (fingers cross)

Do enjoy  Taeyang's "Eyes,nose,lips". (I'm such a sucker for these kinds of songs. You know just pure voice and raw emotions. arghhhh)

Lastly: Please Enjoy

XEE yah ^_^

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