Part 23

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Jodi: Lauren?

Lauren: Yeah?

Jodi: Where's Georgie?

Lauren: What do you mean? Isn't she with you?

Jodi: No..? She told us that she needed to find you and Maia and she'd be back in a minute, but she hasn't come back.

Lauren: How long has it been?

Jodi: Ten minutes.

Lauren: Oh. We haven't seen her.

Jodi: Oh you don't think she's wandered off?!

Lauren: Georgie's smart, she wouldn't just walk off without telling us. She worries too much about us, too.

Jodi: I know, but then again, you know what she's like. She's done it once before.

Lauren: Has she?!

Jodi: Yeah. Lauren, we need to search for her.

Lauren: Where do you think she could be?

Jodi: I have no clue. This park is huge, and isn't there that kidnapper on the loose?

Lauren: Jesus Christ I forgot about that

Jodi: I've tried calling her, but she hasn't answered! Emily's tried calling her too, but no luck.

Lauren: Maia's calling her now. 

Jodi: Has she responded?

Lauren: Nope. Apparently we're on our own.

Jodi: WAIT

Lauren: What!?

Jodi: Emily called her again and Georgie's picked up!

Lauren: Is it her?

Jodi: Oh. My. Lord. It's a strange man!

Lauren: No way...


Lauren: What do we do?

Jodi: Call the police?!

Lauren: That won't do anything. We need to find her. Has the guy given any clues?

Jodi: Emily's crying, I'm on call to him.

Lauren: Tell me everything.


Jodi: "What have you done with Georgie?"

Unknown: "I see this is someone different, eh?"

Jodi: "Yep. And I'M not going to cry. Tell me what you've done with my friend, NOW."

Unknown: "Don't worry, she's doing just fine in the back of my van."

Jodi: "Stop playing around, and tell me what you've done with Georgie!"

Unknown: "Do you wanna know what I'm GOING to do to her?"

Jodi: "Please don't hurt her. She's never done anything wrong!"

Unknown: "Hasn't she?"

Jodi: "Please, take me instead!"

Unknown: "Nah. I prefer the good ones."

Jodi: You're sick. At least give Georgie the phone so I can speak to her."

Unknown: "Why?"

Jodi: "Please! I'll do anything."

Unknown: "Whatever."

Jodi: "Hello?"

Georgie: Hello?!"

Jodi: "Oh my god Georgie! Are you OK?"

Georgie: "Stupid question. Of course I'm not! I'm getting kidnapped and I'm in the back of some stranger's van with an awful smell up my nose and in pitch black."

Jodi: "Do you have any idea where you are?"

Georgie: "I tried to keep track of directions, but I panicked and forgot. I'm so stupid, I probably deserve this."

Jodi: "You don't! Please try your hardest to get out. Bang on the walls and grab the attention of people outside."

Georgie: "You think that I've not thought of that?!"

Jodi: "Well what's holding you back?"

Georgie: "He'll kill you. He'll kill Mum, Dad, my brothers, my grandparents, you, Emily, Lauren, Maia, and everyone I've ever loved."

Jodi: Just try and get out, and then we'll deal with that situation."

Georgie: "Jodi, you don't understand. He'll kill you all even if I don't get out."

Jodi: "I'll warn everyone, I'll call the police! Just bang on the goddamn doors or do something!" 

Georgie: "Oh god, we've stopped. I think he wants my phone back!"

Jodi: "Leap out of the van when the doors open, and run as fast as you can!"

Georgie: "I'll pass out! I can't run that fast or far, it's impossible."

Jodi: "Just try. Please, Georgie."

Georgie: "OK, I'll try."

Jodi: "Have the doors opened?"

Georgie: "I'M RUNNING! I have no clue where I am, but I'm running!"

Jodi: "Is he after you?"

Georgie: "I don't know! I don't wanna look back."

Jodi: "Say the nearest street sign. I should know where it is."

Georgie: "Southern Avenue?"

Jodi: "Georgie, how long were you in that van?"

Georgie: "I don't know, why?"

Jodi: "That's in London!"

Georgie: "What the hell!?"

Jodi: "Find the closest police station. Ask people, you're not socially awkward like me."

Georgie: "I might be now. I can't trust anyone."

Jodi: "Georgie just talk to someone!"

Georgie: "You're not the one who got kidnapped, are you?!"

Jodi: "Muster all the courage you can, and ask someone."

Georgie: "Ok..."

Jodi: "Anyone'll help a lost thirteen year old, won't they?"

Georgie: "Crap..."

Jodi: "What?"

Part 23 (2) is coming out soon :p

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