Six-Scott's Showing!

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Scott woke up facing the wall, Stiles too

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Scott woke up facing the wall, Stiles too.

Stiles was softly snoring.

Smiling softly at his husband, Scott sits up.

Trudging off to the bathroom, Scott selects his desired water temperature.

Sliding underneath the water, he positions his face under the water, now with the water running down his face.

Finished with his shower, Scott wraps his towel around him. Scott did notice, however, that he had to move his towel down lower.

"Baby?" Scott murmured.

He used his hand to wipe at the fogged mirror. His reflection appeared on the mirror.
Turning to the side, Scott looks at himself.

To his surprise, Scott noticed his stomach pushed out forward.
"Finally decided to show." Scott whispered, cupping his hand under his bellybutton.
Turning to face the mirror, Scott looked at himself again. Even from the front there is a noticeable bump.
"I am pregnant." Scott grinned.

Scott walks out from the bathroom where he sees Stiles is sitting on the bed, phone to his ear "Dad." Stiles mouths.
Scott nodded. Then proceeded to start getting ready.

Scott got himself dressed. Walking back into the bathroom, he turned to the side. Over the waistband of his jeans, was his baby bump.
"How long until your daddy notices?" Scott wonders.

Scott comes out from the bathroom, and grabs his phone.
Stiles grabs his wrist.
"Did you think I would not notice?" Stiles smirked.
Scott sniggered and smiled "Notice What?"
Stiles crawls over the bed. Stopping in front of Scott "Our baby."
Stiles reaches out his hand, palm down against Scott's bump "This is only the beginning of this bump of a ride Scotty."
Scott laughs "Stop with the puns."
"Bump do you mean?" Stiles continues.
Scott shakes his head "That one was terrible!"
Stiles shrugged "I love you..and the bump."

Scott was in bliss; he was illuminating with happiness. His bump had grown even bigger within the past week..much to his pleasure.

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