c. two

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Group message:
Toni Topaz: Girl, wru?

Toni Topaz: Where did u go? Fangs and Sweet Pea said u left

Fangs Fogarty: Ayo dude where did u go?

Sweet Pea: Hello? Where tf r u?

Sweet Pea: btw u lost

Replying back to all of my friends texts, asking where I disappeared too, Betty invited me to come with her and the others to go sit in the food room of the hospital and eat the food delivered from Pop's. Nodding my head, I followed behind her as I texted Sweet Pea.

Amelia: Rematch. It doesn't count bc I left ;))

Smiling at my answer, I look up once we make it to the room. Already sitting there was my sister, her boyfriend beside her with a sad look and my best friend Jughead.

I meet Fangs, Toni and Sweet Pea through him. One day I was hanging out at his trailer bored when he suggested we go down to the Whyte Worm - a bar on the Southside of Riverdale, where all the Southsiders go. Instantly I loved the place, feeling at home while there, and also clicked and loved the people there.

Grabbing an untouched burger and bag of fries, I started to eat while texting Toni and Sweet Pea. None of the other four were eating, all of them silent with sad looks on their face.

"Your Dad would be so proud of you, Arch." Betty said with a small smile on her face. "Yeah, you've really been just a rockstar god through all of this" Jughead add with a small chuckle.

Clearly noticing something wasn't adding up with him, Veronica leaned forward and turned to him. "Archie, what is it? Talk to us. Maybe we can help."

I look up at Archie. He was awfully quiet, shaking his head at her words. He had a look in his eyes - a look I couldn't recognise or figure out right away. But there was definitely something haunting in his eyes. They weren't bright and cheerful as they usually are. Archie shook his head and sighed before speaking.

"Guys, there's something I haven't told you, because I'm so" he turned his head away, shaking it while tears formed on the brim of his eyes. "I'm so ashamed." Intrigued by what he was saying, I learnt forward, quietly eating my fries and burger.

"After the guy fired, I should've rushed to my dad straightaway. Or I should have tackled the guy, but I was-I was paralysed. I didn't move, not even when the guy walked up to me. And he held his gun to my head, and I just closed my eyes."

Although I don't exactly have a friendship with him, I had never felt so sorry for someone. Everyone I knew spoke so highly of him, and yet here he was the poor guy, telling us this frightening story while his dad is fighting for his life.

"I don't know how long. Long enough for the guy to have taken my dad's wallet, I guess." Looking over my shoulder, Betty who was next to me was crying and Veronica was holding in her tears. "But I didn't open them until I heard the bell. Pop's bell. Which meant he was gone."  A small gasp left my lips, and I felt insanely sorry and remorseful for Archie.

His voice was sad and shaky, indicating he was on the verge of tears. His facial expression was tight, trying to not cry and stop himself from letting them fall out. However his eyes, they were different. It showed how he was traumatised and frightened by everything that has happened, how he is scared and confused on what's happening.

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