Chapter 1 - Let's Do This

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Beverly Carington

I sat in front of the plain looking girl and crossed my leg. I raised my eyebrows and crossed my arms in front of my chest.

"Jack and Carrie, they will have their wedding in 2 days. I want you to ruin them so I can have Jack." She pushed the invitation. I took the invitation and then she handed me their photos.

"Tell me more about him." I said as I read the invitation.

"Jack Eduardo is a surgeon and we've been working together for almost 6 years."

"Him.. I don't care about you." I looked up to her and said it coldly.

"He's 29 years old. Born in Texas and moved to New York when he was 17. His mom died in a car crash and his dad got back to Texas again and stay there. Jack has an older brother and he lives in London with his british wife."

"Hobbies? Favorite club?"

"He loves basketball and he always plays it with his bestfriends every Saturday night." She answered.

"Clubs? Ex-girlfriends?"

"No ex-girlfriend because he's a workaholic. He rarely go to clubs."

"Well this is going to be hard.."

"But.. he loves to go to this strip club with his bestfriends once a month." She said and that made me smirk.

"Nice information." I said as I put down the invitation and Jack's photo. I looked up to her and leaned back to the chair.


"1.000$." She said and I shook my head.

"You gave me this task 2 days before the actual wedding, I need extra. 5.000 or you will see him get married."

"What if you fail?" She asked and I laughed.

"I never fail in any of this. Decide fast because I have another meeting." I got up and took my clutch with me.

"Okay fine." She said as she gave me a small black bag. I smiled and took it.

"I'll check it later.. and if there's no 5.000$, be ready to see him get married." I said in a bicthy tone and walked out from the cafe. I got into my car and put my sunglasses on. I drove away to the bank and put the 5.000$ into my account.

I got back into my car and drove towards the Hastington Hotel. I parked on the basement and read again about my target. His name is Robert and he's been dating his girlfriend for 3 years, after that I started to get ready. I wiped my nude lipstick off and put on my red lipstick on. I pulled my hair and wrapped in a bun. I put on my black wig and brush it until it's in place. I checked my look one more time and yup it's done.x

I shorten up my black dress and got out from the car. I walked into the hotel and go straight into the restaurant. I sat down on a random empty seat and the waiter gave me the menu. I told him that I will order later on and now I began to look for my target.

Found him.. he's sitting at the bar. I got up and walked towards him. I sat right beside him and ordered 2 glasses of martini.

"Interesting book." I said pretending to look at the bar and then turned my head to him. He turned to me and smiled as he glanced at me from head to toe.

"Yeah it is.."

"I read the 1st one but.. how about you tell me what's in the second book?" I asked not in a flirty tone, just regular. The bartender gave me the 2 glasses of martini and I sipped it.

"Well.. the second book is about.. uhmm he went to Rusia and the-" He suttered a little bit and I raised my eyebrows.

"I'm Patricia, Patty for short." I said as I put out my hand and he shook it.

"I'm Rob." He said and of course I already knew that.

"So.. tell me more about it." I said and I leaned closer to him. He gulped nervously and kept glancing at me and then the book and then back to me. I sipped my Martini slowly but stop looking at him.

"He went to Rusia and worked there. He built this-" He put his hand on the book and I pretended to put my hand on his hand pointing and reading the book together.

"Is it worth it to read the second one?" I whispered and looked at him. He turned to me and our faces were so close to each other.

"Yeah, it's worth it." He said in a small tone. He glanced to my chest and then back to my eyes. I took my glass of martini and sipped it. I pretended to spill my drink to my thigh. I crused and looked for a tissue.

"Here." Rob gave me his handkerchief. I wipped my right thigh first but he helped me to wipe the other thigh. I smiled to him.

"Thankyou Rob, I'm so clumsy sometimes." I said and he put his hand on my thigh. He caressed it and I smirked. He got the bait. Why men is really easy to seduce? They're all stupid. I put my hand on his hand leading him to reach to upper of my thigh.

"Robert!" He turned his head towards his girlfriend and pulled his hand away.

"Selena.." Robert was speechless. I got out of there even though his girlfriend called me again and again. I ignored her and before I walked out from the restaurant, I winked my client and she gave me a big thumbs up. I walked out and finished my task.

That's my job everybody.

Don't worry, I won't sleep or make out with the target. I only need them to touch me or I can make them pass out and pretend that I'm pregnant later on. It's easy and I get a lot of money from it.

I know.. sometimes the target's partner will try to find me but no one can. I'm invisible and I'm good at it. I never even give anyone my real name. All they now is that I'm the Red and I will live all my life with that name.

Let's see.. I have another missing later on tonight at 8.

Let's do this..

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